For Redheads

The other day I was sent this Red Pigment Hair Infusion, it’s developed by Scott Cornwall, the same guy who helped me attempt to get the horrid turquoise out of my hair with his Decolour Remover the other week! I was pretty happy about being sent this as I’d been eyeing it up in Boots the week before. I didn’t purchase it though as it was the same day I bought the turquoise dye that subsequently ruined my lovely dip dye hair, wah wah.

I’ve dyed my hair red for around 10 years now. I love having red hair but it is such a hard job to keep the vibrancy maintained. I wrote about this a while ago when I first started blogging, you can read about my usual tips by clicking here. The trouble is that the Directions dye I usually use is such a messy and awkward affair. So when I opened this I was pleasantly surprised that it seemed to be the same kind of product but in a better tube version complete with gloves in the box!

 It’s very simple to use, I have simply been washing my hair as usual and using this as either a rinse or treatment afterwards. I left it on for around 10 minutes in the image below and as you can see it has revived the red and also made the lighter dip dye colour a bright red tone. The tube will last a good while as you only need a large blob to cover all your hair and a little less if you use it as a quick rinse. It’s a lot less hassle over all than the Directions pots and a really quick way to achieve a vibrant red tone again. You can see the colour result in a different light on this video blog post.

The product retails for £11.99 and you can see and buy the whole range from Although I do really like the colour result and the ease of use compared to other similar products to keep my red hair fresh, I would love it to last a little longer. It looks so vivid after application but after one wash my hair fades straight back to the colour/shade it was before. This may be due to the years of abuse my hair has suffered though so some colours and treatments don’t work the same on my hair as they would on others. I also used it on Friday when I wanted to wear my hair extensions, this is where the washing out after one wash is a great advantage as now I want my dip dye for the weekdays I have just washed my hair back to that! Then at the weekend I still have the option of some super long locks.

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