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I know a lot of people who read my blog aren't bloggers themselves. I often always wonder why everyone isn't a blogger! I mean, everyone is so unique and interesting I'm sure we all have something to say. If you have Facebook or Twitter you're kind of, already a blogger anyway. When I first joined Twitter it was marketed as a 'micro blogging site' so essentially Tweeters, you're already blogging in full swing! Huzzah! But alas, I think like most things, people don't know where to start or what the hell to write about. So this is my unofficial guide to starting out in the world of blogging!

So why start blogging? Well, why are you reading this blog? Everyone has that little sparkle of intrigue in them to read what people are saying. Everyone likes an opinion whether they agree or disagree. And everyone loves a good conversation. Blogging is your way to initiate a conversation and share your interests, for every one with internet access to read! Have you ever read something though, and thought ''Er, I could of written that better myself!'' (probably this post, huh?) Well, blogging I guess, is your chance to write it better yourself. It's so simple. I know from e-mail and feedback that despite my blog being mainly beauty focussed my readership consists of both male and females from a vast age range. It's really interesting to me how and why people read my blog and some of the answers surprise me. But apart from that bit of positive feedback you get now and again here are some other reasons to start blogging:
  • Practise your English reading and writing skills - So many people forget the beauty of just WRITING when they leave education! Blogging is a great way to get back into writing. Whether your English Skills are up to much or not, practise makes perfect right? 
  • Find people with similar interests to yourself. Be it make up, fashion, photography, food, technology, the things you can blog about are endless! I've met some amazing people through blogging events.
  • Share your likes and dislikes. Help other people make choices when buying or trying products, blogs are ran by real people with real opinions not magazines that are paid to distribute good reviews.
  • Share your own work. My blog started when I was studying my degree and I updated (rarely) showing progress of my work from start to finish.
  • Update people on how you're doing. Your blog can just be a diary of your day to day life. You may think that's not very interesting. But I do.
  • Make good use of your spare time. The amount of nights I'd sit around feeling like I was wasting yet another large chunk of my day doing essentially nothing is now gone, as when I'm a little bored I just begin typing and go from there. Some of my most popular posts were started that way! (including this one, although I can't tell you if it's a popular one yet haha)
  • Give yourself that little one up on a job application. Blogs show you are passionate about something and if it's related with the line of work you want to pursue it is a great thing for a potential employer to have a read of and get an idea of YOU.
First things first though. You'll need to sign up to a blog hosting site. I use www.blogger.com and another popular one is wordpress. I find blogger is a lot easier to use for newbs and it's easier to create a prettier layout and design easier. You can fiddle around till your hearts content with endless layouts and colour schemes. Usually simple is best and going for whacky fonts or crazy colours can be very off putting. Research bloggers you aspire to be like. Keep a look out and make a mental note of their more successful posts - gauging successful on audience interaction not the amount of followers they appear to have. A common misconception in blogging is that followers = success. Well it doesn't. It's just like Twitter; a 100 followers who engage are much more valuable than 10000 followers who don't react.
A few things to remember though:

  • Bloggers are not journalists!! I could not stress this more. Bloggers write opinion not news. Bloggers do not need to write to a set standard or are being paid to write their content (unless it is a sponsored post of course).
  • Writing as you speak including regional dialect is a refreshing thing! Don't worry about dotting the i's and crossing the t's! As long as it is written comprehensibly with a good level of content and interest then it's a winner in my opinion.
  • Don't expect PR companies to be contacting you straight away to ask you to review things, and if this is why you set up your blog in the first place this shall become very clear very quickly (and give the rest of us a bad name) 
  • Don't worry about followers or pageviews. It seems to be a very taboo subject saying how many pageviews you have, but I can tell you now that they start in the 0's and end in the 100's after a short while.
  • Don't worry too much about your photographic skills at first, like everything, practise makes perfect! No one expect David Bailey on the first post.
So your blog is set up, you are ready to go! Now what the hell do you write about? Well, like I said, I started my blog as a way to share my crafts work but then was inspired by other bloggers who talk about beauty and make up to start on that topic too. Like every girl I succumb to purchasing more make up than necessary on a regular basis so I thought I would just write about what I bought and how I felt about it, simple. I think Beauty Boxes, although very stale in the world of blogging now are a good way to start as you receive products you wouldn't usually buy so can give a good opinion of them from a fresh point of view. Other regular posts you could do are:

  • Monthly/Weekly Favourites
  • Monthly/Weekly Empty Products
  • New purchases
  • Classic go to products
  • Picture round ups of your week
  • Places to eat/go in your city
The list is literally endless!
You could transfer similar idea's into a whole host of different topics too. It really is endless. Blog means Web Log so it's your own online diary to talk about what you want to. Just take aspects of what you like reading, think about why you like reading such things and use that within your own blog. From content to layout. What draws you into reading a blog? Is it the images? The colours? The title? And on the flip side why don't you like reading some blogs? If you have any questions about starting your own blog or any idea's test the water with your Twitter or Facebook account, ask if people would be interested in what you have to say to start you off with that bit of confidence you may feel you need, but I can guarantee it will be met with a positive reaction. Well, unless you're a complete prick. I really hope this post gives some people that little bit of confidence they were looking for to start their own blog, and if you have please post your link below! I will do a little round up post next month if there have been a few. Also my blog is set up so anyone can comment on my posts even Anonymously (don't tell the trolls though!) So please feel free to leave a comment.

You are you that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is youer than you!
Happy Blogging.

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  1. This all seems like too much effort, I don't think I'll bother.

    JOKES, great post, great tips. You have to force yourself to blog at first but as soon as you catch the bug there's no stopping!

  2. Another cracking post Terri Lowe! I too love reading things that might be classed as boring, I am just a nosey parker and love hearing about other peoples stories, lives and anything else they gab about :) :)

  3. I'm sure this will be useful to many, there seem to be loads of people out there who are wanting to start blogging but are putting it off. I think the general consensus tends to be that people are afraid of 'doing it wrong', whereas really, the best way to get started is just to dive straight in and see what works. There isn't really a 'wrong' way, unless you are one of those people you mentioned who are clearly just doing it for freebies and money! But then, you know this - just adding my two pence worth!
    Mel x

  4. This is a great post, just what I needed to read right now. All very true, I often hold back on blog post ideas I have because I think they're too boring and no one would be interested. I even read back published posts and think 'God why did I bother with that??' No more, from now on I will be a bit kinder to myself. Thanks for this, I really enjoyed it :-)

    Rachael x


  5. Great post Lowe.
    I remember how my blog started, it was just me re-writing news stories about famous people i hated and adding a picture i'd copied from Google images at the top.
    I'd like to think it's developed to something more than that now, when i realised it should be a more personal entity, made up pictures i have taken myself and involving my own experiences and personal opinions more. Much like yours is now.
    A lot of trial an error involved in a blog developing it's own 'voice'.

    1. This is a lovely post, really inspiring. I was worried when I started my blog recently about the why, who wants to read it and what to put on it... but like you said there's room for everyone!

      I think my main reasons for writing my blog are to practice my writing and use it as a record of things I've been enjoying and look back on it at some point in the future. Leanne x


  6. This post literally couldn't have came at a better time. I "launched" my blog yesterday after wanting to blog for soooooo long but I was just too scared.
    I love the point about not being bored anymore haha, I've been working on my blog for months, and if I'm not at work or working on it then I'm thinking about it, it's ridiculous!
    Anyway I love your blog :) so nice and refreshing to see something different to the hundreds of cookie cutter ones out there!
    I know it's taboo to leave your blog link after a comment but my profile's linking to google plus and it's very annoying. so i'm juuust gonna put it here :)

  7. I started a blog in Feb but only now am I really getting into it!

    You asked for noobs to post links: http://beautifywithbeth.blogspot.com

  8. Great post I started a month back http://www.msmummyoftwo.com/ check it out :)

  9. Not new exactly but new to trying to blog more often! :)


  10. Great post! Wish I'd read something like this when I first started out! x

  11. I started my blog over a year ago but never really got into it until lately! now I love wasting my evenings blogging!
    Great advice :)


  12. This was SO helpful. Thank you so much for this amazing post!
    You gave some amazingly helpful advice. thanks again

  13. I put off starting a blog for so long, mainly out of fear and shyness. However it has given me strange sense of focus and I am loving turning my ideas and thoughts into something a bit more tangible. Thank you for highlighting the joys of blogging - i do it for me and the way it makes me happy :)

  14. Thank you for this post. I only started blogging recently and don't really have much confidence in my blog. This gives me inspiration to keep going with it.
    Here is my link if you're interested: http://roseschan.blogspot.co.uk/


Thanks for the comment!

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