I Have Many Leather-Bound Books

....And my apartment smells of rich mahogany. Actually I don't, but I bought a nice hard back number instead. I found this little treasure in Magma yesterday for £9.99 and I had to take some pictures of it before I ruined it all with my crude scrawlings of peter pan collared dresses and things I wish my little pear shaped bod could get away with wearing....

 The general idea of the book is simple. Gemma Correll created it initially as an online thing, for people who feel they're a little less photogenic but a little more artistic. There's a flickr group and everything, moderated by Gemma herself.  It makes for a right treat for the eyes.
 Some of the original images from the group have been used in the book, which is pretty awesome. There's a range of styles of illustration and it must be great for the artists to see their images published. Actually, most of them are so good they're probably pretty renowned and published in several places anyway, but you get what I mean.
 In the book itself it's laid out in a kind of diary format. With 4 seasons and a date, location and 'outfit in a nutshell'. The book is packed full of original drawings by Gemma and I've yet to come across two pages which are exactly the same. It's the gift that keeps giving! On the opposite page there's a guide of a body to draw yourself on. 
 The book also features Mr Pickles her lovable pug. You're probably wondering where you've seen the pug drawing before, chances are it's from the 'Pugs Not Drugs' T Shirt that's done the rounds in Urban Outfitters and on several fashion blogs I've seen.
I really do love a good book, and especially ones like this that you could sit and look through for hours without even lifting a pen. It's such a great concept and it's hopefully going to bring my pencil case back from it's unloved grave. The only thing I would change about this book though is the binding. I would have much preferred a ring bound format but y'know, I can deal with this one.

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  1. I love this! This is such a cute idea! Will have to look out for it :) x x

  2. That's a cool idea. Might get it at some point :P

  3. That is such a nice idea, and a great way to work on your drawing skills (of which I have none!) xo

  4. That book is rad and so cute!

  5. What a lovely little book:) I just might have to go buy it!

    xx Marielley

  6. ahh that book is too cute!!! what a great find :) it's a brilliant idea and the drawings are really well done and personalized! they probably show more about the person's style & personality through the drawing rather than a photograph!

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  7. What a lovely idea! I hope you put some of your doodlings on here :-)
    There's a Magma near me in Manchester, but I've never been inside, might use this as an excuse to have a cheeky browse!

    1. That's the magma I got it from! It's awesome, I could spend hours in there!

    2. That's sorted then- deffo making a trip! xx

  8. I love this book!!!! I need this in my life. And, I love the blog post title... "my apartment smells of rich mahogony"... :)


  9. What a great idea, love it!


  10. This is far too cute for words!


  11. That's such a lovely idea, looks really cute! I love the material in the background of the photo too but that's neither here nor there! :-)

  12. This is so cute! I have a 'Wreck This Journal', I really like doodley sketch-y books! x

  13. Ahh! I love this book, and my drawing is in the third picture, on the bottom far right! :D

  14. Ahh! I love that book! I'm in the third picture down, the far right bottom corner in the ear muffs :)

  15. Such a cute idea. I'd never stop colouring in my outfits hehe

    Love LC



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