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I used to do a regular Music Monday blog post but I forgot to keep them up. Alas, I'm at the age where new music doesn't really reach my radar and I'm stuck in the past a little bit. The only album I've listened to and enjoyed this year was M83//Hurry Up We're Dreaming. But now and again I'm still coming across songs which make me smile. Like these ones:

Of Monsters and Men//Little Talk

I know this is Fearne Cottons record of the week and she makes me cringe with every breathe, but this song is my kinda bag. It's like if The XX were actually good (and not droll shite) and had babies with Mumford and Sons. I'm quite into my folk so this is a nice little twist.

Kanye West & Jay Z//Night in Paris
I make no secret of my endless love for Kanye West. He can do no wrong. He's the best thing I've seen live (and I've seen a few things) but having an ensemble of ballet dancers as your show is pretty epic. This song reminds me of so many 'lulz' times and it's not even been out for long. ''whats she order? whats she order? FISH FILLET''

M83//Midnight City
And as I mentioned, M83. This album is so good and it irritates me endlessly that this song is on EVERYTHING right now. But despite that it's still a great track! The album is awesome and I particularly like the one about the frog. I have a thing for frogs.

Whatchyooou listening tooo yo?!

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  1. M83 are fab, I discovered them years ago on a free Itunes download haha! They've certainly come far

    Lucy x

    1. Definitely more of a commercial sound now but I love it just the same!

  2. Hey! Yeah i agree, check out M83s older albums - They are so goood! xx

    1. I have them all! So So GOOODDDD!

  3. I agree! M83s older albums are sooooo goood! xxx

  4. thanks for sharing the first tune is music to my ears not heard it before :)

    1. Its so good isn't it? Been listening to it non stop!


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