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As I've mentioned before I'm not an eyeshadow kinda gal. I like it and can apply it relatively well, but I cannot be bothered most days and it also dries my weary old lady eye lids out. I always need epic moisturisation sessions for days afterwards to get them looking fresh again. But I am coming around to using eye shadow again now I'm finding more brands that don't make my eyes all crusty and such!

I think the secret to this drying out eyelid thing is baked eye shadows. The baked ones I have tried recently seem to be a lot friendlier on the lids. So, when I was debating buying this Look Beauty eye shadow in Luxe I used that as a persuader to purchase it. It has three lovely shades of brown in it. I thought I'd branch out a bit from my usual green eye shadows! Living on the edge eh, I also thought these shades would be brilliant as a bronzer too for when the summer actually arrives (I heard a rumour it might be next week!!) WOOOPAH!
The colours themselves aren't as pigmented as I would have hoped for an eye shadow, but this can be worked with and they're pretty buildable, it doesn't take much to layer the colour and the blend really well. This will also come in handy when I do use them on the ol' cheeks as because I'm so pale bronzers often look like I'd smeared pop on my chops. I really love the golden brown shade in the centre too, the lightest colour is a kind of subtle taupe tone and the darkest brown is a nice warm colour. They all have a nice bit of shimmer in them too.

 Another little purchase from the Look Range this week is the Flirty Flick eyeliner. Liquid Black Eyeliner is my daily must have as far as make up is concerned. I'd rather go sans foundation than without my trusty black eyeliner... OK that might be pushing it a little with my complexion but it would be a tough call to choose out of the two! The formula of this liner is absolutely amazing. It's a lovely creamy consistency and doesn't take long to dry at all. It dries to an almost matte look and doesn't budge all day. I swatched it on my hand before I used it properly and it took a good bit of warm soapy water to shift it I can tell you. So staying power and formula has a massive two thumbs up from me....
HOWEVER, and I don't know if it's a big however or not, as it doesn't bother me to much as I have my own solution; the applicator itself is a little too hard for my liking. I'm used to using 17's Liquid Eyeliner (which is my favourite of all the ones I've ever tried, and there's been a few!) which is a soft kind of brush thing. Whereas this is a hard foam(?), it's not as versatile for creating a flicky effect and I found it hard to make it 'glide' across the my lash line. My solution is to simply use the applicator from another eyeliner I'm used to instead or angle it so I'm using the side of the applicator rather than the end. For £5 though this eyeliner is kinda bang on. Apart from the applicator. But there we go, not everyone is perfect eh! You can pick up this and the Triple Hit Eyeshadow either online or in Superdrug stores in case you didn't know!

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  1. I also have this eye shadow, its very wearable and not over the top! looks nice on you too :) xo

    1. Thanks! You're right, it's great for day and can be built up for night!

  2. That eyeshadow looks great on you, lovely colour xo

  3. I love baked eyeshadows too & am such a hoarder of eyeshadows. Esp neutral colours (boring i know). My local Superdrug doesnt stock look beauty products so i am going to have to track them down as i like the look of the eyeliner & the shadows look great on your eyes.

    1. Defo track them down! They often have some great offers online too


Thanks for the comment!

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