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Hiyurrrr. Remember the other week when I mentioned I'd tried Little Miracles Organic Energy? Well, the kind folks over there sent me some other flavours to try out! I do like the fact that it's not only beauty and fashion brands that are recognising the power of blogging nowadays, it's lovely that even though I am a cross-subject blogger I can get to sample other stuff I write about and tell you more too!

Little Miracles come in 3 varieties; Green Tea, Black Tea and White Tea are all make an appearance in their lovely little bottles. Like I mentioned in the previous post I love when a brand has a good narrative and the packaging design to these little lovelies certainly has a nice balance of quirky yet mature aesthetic!
 The first I cracked open was the Green Tea. I do absolutely love Green Tea but as I mentioned a while ago when I started taking Green Tea Supplements my skin went into meltdown and it was spots galore for a while there. But despite my apprehensions I downed it (not in one!) and it was beautiful. The Pomegranate and Acai are a nice combination of flavours and the taste it subtle yet flavoursome. Possibly a little bland in comparison to the others but certainly refreshing.
 The Black Tea one is the one I tried and wrote about initially. It's probably the strongest TEA flavour as you really get a nice hit of it after each sip. You can see the review of it by clicking here.
And finally, the one I was looking forward to the most! White Tea and Cherry. I was particularly intrigued by this as cherry flavoured products, particularly beverages, can vary so much in the type of cherry they are. A lot can taste very artificial. This however, didn't. It was so FRESH in flavour. I kind of see cherry has a heavy kind of flavouring. But this was so light, it's lovely.
I think my favourite of the trio is still the Black Tea and Peach (and you will notice they all contain Ginseng and Acai and the Ginseng is the energising bit!) But all 3 are a perfect alternative to caffeine or fizzy drinks for that little kick up the bum in the morning and a lot healthier too! You can get these drinks from health food shops like Holland and Barratt and less commonly Home Bargains (which is where I first tried it). And they retail for around the same price as a bottle of coke anyway. Check out their website too the lovely branding design continues there. And despite these being sent for sampling my opinion is honest, I know that sounded a little forced at the end there but I really do love a good website design so thought I'd include it anyway!

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  1. yummm, they look delicious! going to check their page out now :) x

  2. They had these in Home Bargains for 19p a little while ago! haven't had them for a while though so I'll have to keep my eye out for them. My favourite is definitely the peach one :)

  3. They had these in Home Bargains for 19p a little while ago! haven't had them for a while though so I'll have to keep my eye out for them. My favourite is definitely the peach one :)

  4. These are my fave iced teas!


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