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So, you love wearing knee high socks like a little Japanese tourist, but hate the fact they constantly fall down... What DO you DO? I tell you what you DO. You get your sweet knees on eBay and search for this little treasure: Staysput Sock Glue. I actually forgot about this stuff until the other day when someone on Twitter was talking about the bane of socks that fall down constantly.

It's originally a product for Irish Dancers to use and I discovered it from my old house mate who was a victim to the Irish Dancing craze as a child. I was slightly dubious about the product when I first tried it. It has a really pungent aroma, like uhm, a strong alcohol or something. But obviously you can't smell it all the way from your legs. It's a roller ball thing and you literally roll it around your leg at the level you want the socks to stay at and pat the socks on it! Magic! The glue itself is a sticky icky consistency and like a clear gel.
 It keeps your socks up all day (and night) and is a saviour on days where it's too hot for tights but too chilly for bare legs. The glue is easily removed with a baby wipe or warm water leaving no trace behind, it doesn't hurt either, it's probably the same feeling as peeling a bit of PVA off your finger than tearing a plaster off or anything! It's not so great on freshly moisturised skin though as the moisturiser kind of acts like a barrier against it. It works really well for socks but I don't think it'd work well for things like holding up dresses as the material would be too heavy, well I guess that depends on the dress actually... You can pick it up on eBay for around £5 and they used to do a handy handbag sized one too for touch ups on the go! It's ok, don't thank me all at once. It's quite alright.

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  1. this is genuinely amazing! never tried it but i can finally go out in public with high socks on again!

    wonder whether it works for other stuff too!

    1. good point! I would say a lightweight dress it possibly would hold up, but nothing too heavy.

  2. This looks like a great product (Stacey's socks are always falling down!) but I have to ask: does it hurt when you take the socks off? She's a bit wussy haha x

    1. Hahaa another excellent point I should of added to the post (and will now!) It doesn't hurt at all.

  3. I so could have done with this when I was at school! We had bottle green over the knee socks as part of our uniform (yes really!) which were prone to falling down, this would have been magic! x

  4. I so need some of this! Sounds like a lil miracle! x

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