Sunny Sunny, Splish Splash

 The weather lately has been erm, erratic, to say the least! One minute it’s sunny as can beeee, the next it’s raining cat’s and dogs. It’s the worst summer ever (well, worst one for me; I’m sure 90 year olds will be able to recall a worse summer or something) Anyway, the point is it’s so so hard to work out what to wear right now. I leave the house in the morning wrapped up toasty ready to face the dreary cold day, then by dinner time I’m sweltering! So, I thought I’d do a little bit of a different post in the form of shoes today, you know, in honour of this Great British Summer….

As you know, I am the budget buy betty when it comes to most things. Sometimes I simply cannot justify spending that extra penny on something when I think/know I can get it cheaper elsewhere. When it comes to shoes though I do tend to be a little less conservative. I used to torture my feet spending £5 every few weeks on a pair of primark ‘ballet pumps’ thinking it doesn’t matter if they just get knackered. Essentially just buying disposable footwear. What I realised after about 6 months of doing this though was not only were they incredibly uncomfortable, but also that I was just throwing my money away. Yeah it’s nice to get some shoes so cheap, but at the same time you’re getting what you pay for. My feet were being punished for doing no wrong! The cushioning and soles of cheap shoes are awful for your feet and posture too. So for about 2 years now I’ve ‘invested’ in shoes rather than wasted my money on them constantly. I don’t think twice about spending £50 on a good pair of Clarks loafers for example. Anyway back onto the point, I’ve done a little round up of some lovely shoes that will suit this weather we are being TORTURED with right now (melodramatic huh!)

YMC Leather Sandal – £120

I have been after some sandals like this ALL YEAR. The closest I have got to this shape is the jelly shoes I bought the other week. I love the colour of these too. These are perfect for sunny/half sunny days as because of the closed toe they can be worn with or without tights. Probably not the best for a bit of rain though but nevertheless if it’s a bit blustery these are still perfect!

Trying to resist a joke involving the work camel… and toe (as they’re shoes, get it) But these are wonderful. They’re casual enough for the day yet have a sneaky little wedge heal on so you could wear them out for a few beverages after work.They’d also go with skirts/dresses or trousers (not like I’d ever wear trousers mind!)

These are probably my favourite but only because they actually have the same name as my middle name!! (Xenia, in case you’re not aware) I do get intrigued as to whether or not people use Xenia as a name or it’s just something the crazy Ukranian part of my family made up! I love the contrast on these between the green and the blue but I would be tempted to switch the lace to a black one for an extra splash of contrast. Once again casual enough for day, dressy enough for night!
I am obsessed with brogues. I must already have about 7 pairs of them both flat and healed, but I haven’t seen any as nice as this with the lovely cut out effect on the lace up bit. Once again these would be great for most occasions but also as they do have those little gaps would be OK on a mildly warm day, the sole looks pretty sturdy too, so a great investment pair!

Here’s a little known fact; not all wellington boots have to be Hunters! I know, shock horror! Don’t get my wrong, I do love my little Hunter booties but I would never pay for actual Hunter wellies, they’re too popular right now and so expensive. I prefer quirkier cheaper alternatives like these. They’re also great for re-living that nu-metal youth without wearing clunky skate shoes haha. Vans footwear is such great quality, so I have no doubt investing in some wellies from there is a wise choice.

So, now I’ve picked a lovely little range of shoes from Goodstead* does anyone want to make a donation so I can purchase them all? No?….Ok. Thought not. How do you feel about shoes? I’m not one of those who goes mad for them, or ever ‘lusts’ after the latest designer Jimmy Choo’s (are Jimmy Choo’s still in? Or are they a bit 90’s on the lust list now?) but like I say, I am more than willing to invest in footwear, especially now I’m cracking on a bit age wise!

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