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Lately you may have noticed my attempts to get HENCH by buying a new bike. I've wanted one for a few weeks and thought I'd make better use of a bike than I would a gym membership! I was going to save up to buy an extra pretty one, but when I looked at the pretty ones the tyres were too thin and I was scared I would fall off and graze my lovely knee's. So I went for a classic little mountain bike.

 I've not been on a bike since I was about 14. I remember the last bike I had I gave my Grandad to sell on the carboot so I could buy my first mobile phone. This is the age we live in folks! Who needs the outdoors when there's technology. When I first got my bike the main problem I realised I had was that I'm a skirt and dress kinda gal, so what the hell do I wear?! Then the next problem was where do I put my phone, keys and purse?!
 Alas, with some savvy fashioning I've made a good compromise between looking good and being practical. I got these culottes from Matalan for a bargainous £6. I bought a pair ages ago and was so disappointed when I went back to get some more and they had no more in! But now they've restocked them in some more colours so I immediately grabbed these ones. They're really comfortable for riding and in this hot hot weather. Sunglasses are a must, there's nothing worse than getting a bug in your eye when you're zooming down a hill. (yeah, this happened once, never again will I be a victim to a rogue green fly!)
I usually wear something like this T Shirt from Zara too when out on my bike. It's lose enough to be comfortable and gives enough coverage so I don't catch the sun/get bitten by too many bugs. I don't know why it has a giraffe and a phone box on the front. Zara went through a really odd stage of putting weird inexplicable things on T Shirts a few years ago. I also solved the problem of hoarding my must haves around by using my Primark backpack. I was disappointed when I got this bag as it defeats the object of a back pack by not staying closed if you put slightly too much stuff in in! But as I'm only taking my purse, keys and phone it's got at least some use when I'm out on my bike.
I also bought a really cute bell for my bike from Paperchase for £4. It's so loud! But I still feel awkward dinging it to get people to move out of my way haha. I'm glad I bought a bike as it's already proven to be a lovely thing to do in this weather. I often find myself put off from going outdoors when it's sunny as there's not really a lot to do around Stoke, but we have a pretty impressive set of bike paths I never knew about before that I have been taking full advantage of! Also riding a bike is a lot harder than I remember?! Going up hills as a kid was never a problem, but now! JEEZZEEEE! Oh, I'll also mention whilst I'm on the subject about this Sky Ride Birmingham that's going on Sunday the 19th August. Unfortunately I can't make it and it's a little far for me to take my bike, but it looks pretty good! They set up a traffic free route and any one can join in for free. 

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  1. Ooh I love the idea of the culottes, I never really know what to wear on a bike.
    -I have a mountain bike too, obviously the more fashionable choice! The bell on it doesnt work though, so I'll definitely be popping to paperchase for one, it's so cute! xx

    1. my bell is so loud!! It's cute tho. yeah culottes are a win in the summer!

  2. Haha! Do you know what I love? The fact that you aren't posey and tell it how it is. I'm so fed up of seeing pictures of girls with vintage dresses and flowers in their hair whilst riding a bike. So not practical! My love for your blog is growing by the day Terri! xx

    1. good luck to them tryin to ride a bike in a dress! Thank you!!

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    1. I live on the edge and also don't ride on roads

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