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Ah, shampoo and conditioner, as a lady that likes to avoid the hairdressers at all costs you're an every day blessing that completes my life. The Clynol range of haircare is available exclusively in Salons and is a range I have tried before and loved. So I was super excited that I got to try some of their 'Colour & Care' Shampoo and Conditioners recently.

I do like to use shampoo and conditioner a few times before drawing any conclusions from it. There have been times where I've been disappointed by the results but then after a month or so of use I have seen a dramatic improvement in my hairs condition. So, after a good few washes I can finally tell you about this little pair. I like Clynol's sleek, clean packaging and brand styling and how it reminds me of going to the 'posh' hairdresses with my nan when I was little. The smell is very much like a 'salon' smell, if you get what I mean?! It's not a fruity one, it's not a bad one, it's one that means business. Hair business.
 The shampoo lathers up very well and your hair immediately feels clean, I thought this would be a bad sign as it almost felt like it was stripping my hair therefore making the colour less vibrant or something! The conditioner smooths in easily and I always leave conditioners on for a few minutes before I rinse. When I did rinse I didn't get that instant silky feeling you often get when you know a hair wash has done good.... But paranoia be gone, as let my hair dry I was left with a lovely soft result with a shiny and vibrant finish. It seemed to smooth out my over processed locks and it dried with no kinks or flicks (I let my hair dry naturally and cheaper shampoo's make it go a little crazy)/ The shampoo and conditioner both contain algae extracts which makes me feel a bit like Aerial having a bit of sea goo in a product for my red hair (one can dream of having Aerial's hair anyway).I don't really know much about hair care ingredients but I do know algae does have some good properties to it and is great for skin and hair care. I think it's particularly known just for it's conditioning benefits for hair products though, whereas for skin it boasts a whole host of anti ageing and miraculous properties!
I do like this range of hair care and would definitely seek out a salon that used Clynol stock just so I could try more before I took the plunge and purchased it. These shampoo's and conditioners are on the slightly pricier side costing around £10 per bottle, but like I said, that's the good thing about Salon brands as you can try them out during a visit to the hairdressers then decide whether to buy or not.

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  1. I have never heard of this brand before but this duo sounds awesome! I love the smell of salon products too, it just feels like a little bit of luxury when youre washing you hair!

    xo Courtney from

  2. I have to try this product out. I use john freida products for my hair. it's really good stuff. cute blog girl :)


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