Disco, Disco Duck

You really couldn't get a snack with a more exciting name than DISCO biscuit could you? Although these aren't a new food product I've recently tried, they are a sweet snack I have rekindled my love for. I forgot they existed until I had some time to kill and popped into Aldi the other day. I'm not usually one for sweet things; I could just eat crisps until my gums bleed! But a Disco Biscuit? Oh, I've got a lot of time for you my confectioned friend.

 Although it's a bit of an anti climax when you reveal the Disco-ness (or lack of), with the very light helping of Smartie style shelled chocolate bits on the top, the flavour and consistency of these bad boys really is a great combination. They are a kind of cheap shortbread base with a thin layer of caramel topped with some milk chocolate, if you remember the Twix biscuits that came out a few years ago they are very similar to those! When I tweeted a picture of them so many people were like 'OMG I LOVE DISCO BISCUITS' so.... if Twitter has spoken folks, you know they're worth a try!
They're the perfect snack for a savoury scoundrel like myself as they're just the right portion size to curb a sweet craving but not like a chocolate bar where I start feeling pukey half way through. Costing around £1.29 for a box of 6 they're a welcome lunch bag treat with my afternoon coffee at work.... Although the crumbs do tend to leave a bit of a mess on my desk and in the keyboard, don't tell anyone though. 

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  1. these look good but damn my allergies can't have them :(

  2. I bought some of these the other day too, great minds!

  3. Hi, visiting via the latest BBU blog hop! These look amazing! Never seen them before, but I think I'll have to track some down to keep in my desk drawer at work... :) x

  4. Oh I remember the Twix biscuits! They were damn good! They did M&Ms and other variations too, didn't they? I like the look of these - will look out for them next time I'm in Aldi x x

  5. Lovely blog!
    I followed on GFC/BlogLovin, follow back ?

  6. what a cool name! and it looks delicious! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  7. love these, so tempting to just all of them in one day so yummy, love your blog defo new follower :)


  8. thanks for share.

  9. I forgot they existed until I had some time to kill and popped into Aldi the ... aldikeyboard.blogspot.de


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