Dupe Wop

I never usually buy into these little crazes that appear in the beauty world every now and again, and this time is no different. A whole host of bloggers and beauty editors alike have been writing about the two new big things on the market: Clinique Chubby Stick’s and Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain. I of little funds however, do not have the spare cash lying around to splurge £6 – £15 a time on a lip product, so in usual ‘Hello, Terri Lowe’ style I bring you 4 cheaper alternatives or ‘dupes’ as they are commonly known of the two wonder products in question!

I did write about the Chit Chat ‘juicy lipstick’ here. I do really like the colour of the one I picked up, but noticed a few other colours on my next visit to Poundland. I couldn’t help but crack another £1 out and buy the wonderful dusky pink shade ‘peony’. This one seems a slightly different formula from the original Fiery Red one I bought. The colour isn’t as suited to me as the Fiery Red but it still leaves a wonderful light pink shade that lasts a good 2-3 hours. The difference in formula is that this one seems to moisturise my lips so much more, and about 20 minutes after application I have the silkiest feeling pout in all the land. I’m not quite sure why, as the ingredients list was identical, but I like it, a lot! It doesn’t ‘stain’ my lips as much but it’s such a gentle colour I wasn’t really expecting it to anyway….

From top to bottom: Chit Chat ‘Peony’, Technic ‘JS 14’, Technic ‘JS 16’ and Chit Chat ‘Fiery Red’.

The two new ‘dupes’ I have picked up came in a bit pricier than their £1 sisters from Poundland and cost a whole 20pence more from Bodycare! I wasn’t intending on buying anything when I was scanning the weird tubs full of non desirable crap, but then spotted these two roses amongst the thorns (I’m being harsh aren’t I? I actually really like the range available of cheaper alternative make up in there and actually bought several other items!) The Technic dupes are branded slightly differently than the Chit Chat ones and are called ‘Juicy Sticks’ instead of ‘Juicy Lipsticks’ ….10 out of 10 for word play, NAAAHHTTT. I don’t know why everything is juicy when it comes to these things as I really don’t like that word, but alas, let’s not judge books by their covers too soon.
The Technic variants are equally are ‘good’ as the Chit Chat ones! Hurrah! Although the colours and formula’s are completely different. Where the Chit Chat ones are matt and solid shades, the Technic ones are more shimmery and iridescent products. At first I thought I would loathe this, but it creates a really nice effect and doesn’t dry my lips out at all. I was really surprised. The Technic ones smell slightly cheaper than Chit Chat’s do, I’m not sure why or if this matters, but it’s not an unpleasant smell anyway. The colour pay off on all 4 of these products is so impressive for the price with my favourite actually being the lilac shade from Technic. Not only does it soften my lips and create a really unique and nice colour, it also does stain them to a really subtle yet nice pinky violet tone. 
Top Left: Chit Chat ‘Fiery red’ Top Right: Technic ‘JS 16’ Bottom left: Chit Chat ‘Peony’ Bottom Left:Technic ‘JS 14’

Have you found any amazing alternatives to more expensive brands or products lately? Post me some links below!