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As you may have seen on an abundance of blogs lately, Famous (by Sue Moxley) Make Up  has been doing the rounds. I was lucky enough to receive some from the post man as I was unable to attend their launch event in LANDAN. It was an unexpected surprise and I must say; the things I have cracked open so far are already some strong contenders in my 'every day' make up routine. As I was sent a few different products I thought I'd start off a mini series of reviews with the Leopard Eye Palette. 

 As I have said many a time, I'm not a massive eyeshadow person, I stick to greens and sometimes browns but nothing too crazy. I was pleased they fathomed this (or I just got lucky) and sent me this particular palette. It contains 16 different shades ranging from the finest shit green tones to some lovely golden browns. It also contains some really nice neutral colours I probably wouldn't have tried before.
 I find that all these colours apart from the two blue toned ones on the bottom left (lavish and flash) are perfect for my colouring (green eyes, red hair!). It's very easy to create a gorgeous effect with the range and I like how some of the shadows are matte and some have a little bit more of a pearl shimmer to them. I have also found that 'bare' (top left) and 'dream' (top right) are good for using as highlighters too as they're a subtle pinkish hue with a nice iridescent finish.
Onto the swatches then (bitches love swatches) As you can see the pigmentation of the shadows is really good, although some can be slightly more transparent from others. It'll be no surprise that my favourite shades in the set are '5 - Pretty Green Eyes' and '6 - Guilty' which are both colours I go for all the time. They're so easy to blend and I've been mixing it up and bit by adding a little bit of '12 - Wealthy' to the bottom lash line. Although the golden/amber tones are something I would usually steer clear of, these compliment the green so well, alongside the other colours in the set. It's very easy to mix and match these colours as they all tend to be blendable with each other regardless of which shades you choose to play with. The only ones that let the set down quality wise were '11 - Topaz' and '8 - Icon'. 'Topaz' didn't swatch well and was very hard in comparison to the others and 'Icon' crumbled as soon as I touched it! Oh well.
I must admit I had never looked at the Famous make up stand before, I always imagined the prices to be way out of my league as their packaging and brand design is so lavish looking. It completely took me back that this eyeshadow set is only £8.99! I really am impressed as the quality of them is absolutely wonderful. This set will last me a lifetime probably as I use eyeshadows so rarely but the green colours have already developed quite a dent.

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  1. "Bitches love swatches" Amazing.
    Such a nice set of colours!

  2. Oh I love colours '10,11,12'-I'm red headed and green eyed too (God love us) so I totally love your reiviews. I hope you could follow my blog? http://reddutchess.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Never heard of this brand before, but that pallete looks great! Not sure about 'shit green' though ;) haha xo

  4. Nice blog dear, i just found it :D

    Kisses, Elena

  5. I do love a good old 'shit green' shadow! I really like the packaging for it too, the zip would be nice and practical (take me to the old people's home...) on the go! x

  6. Looks naaaaice. I am a sucker for a pallett and have a few too many to show for it, so it's best I don't look at where you can buy this!

  7. you have a portuguese fake facebook http://www.facebook.com/caroline.retrete just though i'd let you know kiss ***

  8. The palette looks really good! So tempted to get myself one :) lovely blog!


  9. I got this too and I LOVE it. When I first saw the tacky packaging I thought I would hate it but the colours are amazing and it's great value for money, I was very surprised.


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