Full Repair

I’ve always been a little intrigued by the John Frieda Full Repair range, but there’s always been something holding me back from actually purchasing it and I don’t know what it is! I wasn’t going to write this post about the range, as I’m sure you’re aware I wasn’t keen on their PR tactics. They have been e-mailing bloggers and saying if they put their official video’s on their blog they will send the products to review, I really don’t see the sense in this, and told them that. I said I wouldn’t mind combining the post of a review with the video but they didn’t like that idea. After a pretty honest response off me though in the end they changed their tune and sent the stuff anyway. I felt a little bad as my e-mail was rather scathing, but anyway, I was so impressed with the range I thought I would actually tell you about it regardless. (still not being blackmailed into including any videos mind!)

 In the selection they sent me there was everything from shampoo to the root lift foam. I don’t usually use any products apart from washing ones then a serum, but I’ve actually used ALL of these every time I have washed for the last 2 weeks. I must say I am impressed with how lightweight the products are as I was expecting them to make my hair very heavy and lank. I only tried them all together to start with out of curiosity but was so satisfied I have continued to do so. I have found that now though my hair is looking a little duller but still not weighed down or anything, so I will cut back to just the shampoo, conditioner and serum and use the other products every other time.

I think my least favourite product is the styling spray, it doesn’t really have much effect and also I tend not to use heat products on my hair anyway. After washing I always let it dry naturally and don’t even have to use straighteners now. I have used the hairdryer when using this range out of intrigue though and it has created a nice glossy result. My hair does look and feel healthier as a result of these products, the serum seems to aid my hair in drying faster, the root lift does exactly what it says without being sticky and the intensive conditioner leaves me hair so silky soft! I think if I was to purchase only ONE product again it would be the intensive condition as I imagine it would be excellent even with just regular shampoo and conditioner. But I have a feeling I may be reinvesting in more than just the one product in future from this range. All in all it’s all amazing really, and I am very surprised to be writing this post as I had no intention to!