Green Wishes

If you hadn't guessed by now, then green is my all time favourite colour. I'm not really sure what makes me love it so much as it's not traditionally a colour that people associate with aesthetically pleasing things. But I just love it. The murkier the better in most cases. As me and my friend are looking for a new abode I thought I'd take this little opportunity to start putting together wish lists of things I would love to have in a new place! Although we're very much going to be on a tight budget so a 'wish' list is what it shall remain for now.

Bodum Cafetiere £15.90
Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer £419.00
Joseph Joseph Hands on Salad Bowl £29.00
Egg Chair Egg Cup £5.75
All prices and picture courtesy of*

As soon as I went to the website I just searched for green and they had so many things in this luscious colour I simply cannot get enough of. The Egg Chair egg cups are so cute and come in so many different colours. It's weird how a thing that holds EGGS can be deemed cute isn't it?!

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  1. Green is my favourite colour too, high five!
    If I could afford one of those mixers I don't think I'd ever stop making cakes haha

  2. I love green and purple together, want my kitchen decorated with those two colours :)

  3. The salad bowl is awesome. Hehe. :)

  4. Joseph Joseph does amazing stuff, I love these new designs and I often search on the net for them!!
    Do you know Black + Blum too? They have a green salad set I guess you'll love!

  5. Really cute stuff, love that egg cup!

  6. I'm totally obsessed with pink! My bathroom is all white tiled with pink sparkly accessories and my kitchen I've painted purple with glitter and again all pink accessories plus my little girls room is totally pink and disney princess my bf says we live in a gay house :S x

  7. The egg chair cup is so cool! Xo

  8. Check TK Maxx for the green Bodum cafetiere - we have the 8 cup version from there.

    Green's my fave, too - more of a forest, emerald, or slightly teal for me, though.


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