Radiant Dawn, Morning Dew

I’ve never been one to be bothered about what kinds of products I put on my skin. I’m not big on organic or natural ingredients and like many, I don’t actively seek out products which are exclusively cruelty free. Lately though, via Twitter tweeters like Sugarpuffish I’ve been seeing a lot more about natural beauty products and have shown a little more intrigue when selecting skin care, although it’s probably not changed my buying habits that much I’m still a bit more aware. I spotted these lovely looking Amie products in Tesco over the weekend when I popped there during Leeds Festival. Feeling really muggy and grim after sleeping in a field for days I thought these looked like really refreshing products to treat my face too when I got back!

I’ve never even heard of Amie before but as soon as I saw the packaging colours, fonts and loveliness I just grabbed the first two things I liked the look of. They were on an introductory offer of £2.49 each and I was in desperate need of a new face wash anyway. I didn’t realise at the time that the products were not only aimed at younger skin (up to the early 30’s), but also aimed towards blemish prone skin, which is ideal for me. It doesn’t make this endlessly clear in the product descriptions on the packaging though and it’s only by looking on their website that I’ve learnt more about their target market and brand. Their website is packed full of more information about the products and company (http://amieskincare.com/) and I must say what I’ve read so far I am impressed with. Each product contains on average 95% natural fruit and botanical extracts. If only skin care was a way of getting some of my five a day.

 I chose the Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser purely because of it’s name. I don’t know why but ‘Morning Dew’ really appealed to me?! It immediately gave me visions of having lovely fresh dewy looking skin in the morning. It smells really nice, not as fruity as the face wash does, but slightly floral. It’s not an over powering scent but it’s so-so. The moisturiser immediately melts into my skin and seems to smooth it over really well ready for my make up. It does feel ever so slightly drying though, but that may be down to my last moisturiser being Olive Oil based so that could be slightly greasy feeling when first applied. It’s a really light texture though and hasn’t dried my skin in the long run.

The Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Daily Wash is equally as splendid to the moisturiser, if not a little bit more special. It’s a gel formula with crushed blueberry seeds and little white vitamin E beads in, which burst when you use it. It’s smells amazing. A really fresh and clean apple and lemon scent which immediately makes you feel all good about washing your face. It’s not a sickly over the top smell just a really uplifting one.

 I’ve been using this with my Body Shop Facial Brush and it makes my skin feel so fresh and clean. It’s not a harsh exfoliant and the formula reminds me slightly of Soap and Glory’s Face Soap apart from the beads in this actually seem to make a difference unlike that where the pink beads seemed a little useless. Because there are two sizes of exfoliating beads/seeds/bits it’s nicely effective without drying your skin out or making it sore. As for spot fighting power, it’s a little too soon to tell, but what I can tell you as of yet is that these two products feel gentle and kind to your skin, unlike Clearasil etc that can become very drying and sore very quickly. I think these would be great for sensitive skin especially due to the lack of nasties in there. I think sometimes too it’s important to bear with spot fighting products for a few weeks. A lot I have tried always make it worse before it gets better and I think sometimes this is forgotten as everyone (including myself) wants an instant result!

I think the only way I can describe these products and brand is just LOVELY. I’m really happy that I spontaneously bought them and it shows that a lovely (yes, said it again) bit of packaging, design and branding can make the world of difference into how you feel when using a product. I would actually go out of my way to check out the other products in the range properly now that I have tried this and read more about them! Have you ever been sucked in by the aesthetic loveliness of a product alone? Were you pleased with the result or annoyed you wasted your money? Give me some examples!

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