The Simplest Way to Ombre

The other day I noticed on the shelves of Boots that Lee Stafford had released a *new product* which was a spray on bleach which you could ‘create 4 different styles with, including ombre’. It retailed at £7.99… At first I was a little intrigued just because it was a product I’d not noticed before, but then I just realised. ”FFS IT’S JUST SUN IN” but in a fancy new pink bottle. Grrr Lee Stafford, grrr at you.

Ah, Sun In, it’s good to see you’re not one to sell out with a ‘modern design’ *scoff*. This was the first product I ever used to dye my hair. When I was about 11!! Me and some school friends were down the local park and someone had obtained some from, well, god knows where?! But about 10 of us all sprayed it in our hair which resulted in a gang of kids with very patchy, yellow, weird, hair do’s. I know a little bit better than that now though and can use Sun In for the greater good, and not just for ‘something to do’ as a kid. Yes, back in my day we didn’t mug people or terrorize OAPs. We just dyed our hair badly.

So dying your hair with Sun In couldn’t be easier. You simply spray it on to the area you want lightening then use the hair dryer or sit out in the sun to make it work. It’s heat activated you see.  It’s possibly the simplest way I have found to ombre/dip dye my hair ever. I put a shower cap over the top half of my hair and just spray it into the lengths which remain uncovered. Hair dry it like you just don’t care then wash your hair as usual. No mucky mixing or carefully combing the mixture through, literally just spray and go! It comes in two strengths which are gentle and super and cost £3.15 in Boots at the moment, a bit better than the £7.99 Lee Stafford one which also comes in a smaller bottle! I would probably recommend the gentle one if you’ve not used it before or scared it might go a bit yellow, worth a try though for the price and result and it couldn’t be easier!