Trend Spotting Part Deux

Just thought I'd write this pretty short and sweet post about this new necklace* I've received from I ordered this kind of for the sake of it and in a rush as I was tired and wanted to splurge my credits. I don't even know what drew me to this necklace and it's completely not my style at all. But now I've got it and worn it I am in love with it! 

Considering I specialised in Contemporary Jewellery as part of my degree, I really don't wear that much of it. This hasn't been off my neck though! It's amazing and even more lovely in real life. So lovely in fact my housemate saw it and made me order her one too! I did order this dress from Oasap too but it's really not very nice, and nothing like the picture apart from the colour! I need to return it at some point in my life. All in all a very odd order really, the thing I thought I'd love I hated and the thing I thought I'd hate I really do love! What's your experience with Oasap been like? I've found it to be very 50/50 with regards to quality and style matching the online images.

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  1. love the necklace.. so adorable :) x x

  2. I like the necklace, It suits you (a little spiky) x

  3. I recently bought a similar one, but I like the fact that this one has got some longer spikes thrown into the mix. I haven't really stopped wearing mine either, and it's quite different to the rest of my jewellery.
    Hope you've had a nice weekend!
    Mel x

  4. I am so bad at remembering to wear jewellery, I own loads of the damn stuff though.

  5. necklace is stunning on you!

  6. Love the necklace! I have a spiked necklace that is rarely ever not around around my neck

    Alice x

  7. That is gorgeous. I love statement necklaces :)

    <a href=">LaceyLoves</a>

  8. I don't have any experience with Oasap, but the necklace looks really cool!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life


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