It’s not a great secret that a lot  of people in Stoke on Trent don’t actually have passports! It’s really weird, when I went to uni all the Stokies in my class apart from one were strangers to travelling abroad. I am part of this very odd group; only travelling to France once on a school trip! Now I’ve grown up though, I kind of really want to go and see the world! But saying that, the thought of going on a plane sickens me and the price of the passport itself is equally as vomit inducing! I would really dislike to go on holiday and spend all my time lounging around on a beach in the sun all day, doing pretty much nothing. If I wanted to be exposed to UV rays and get a bit sweaty, I’d just go on a sunbed and maybe take a bucket of sand to complete the beach experience. I would however, love to experience cultures of different countries and do things that are different. A major element of my wanderlust is FOOD. But I really cannot justify the expense of travelling to another country just to have a few nice and exotic lunches! Although I imagine I would get just as excited about fondue in a Ski Chalet as this guy has:

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Which brings me on to the second thing I would love to do if I travelled. Go skiing! Well, snowboarding preferably. I always love to wrap up warm when it’s cold outside and snowboarding looks like the most fun you could have in the snow without Tony Hawk being around. Staying in a wood chalet on a snow covered mountain also sounds so lovely doesn’t it. Warming up by the log fire with a nice hot chocolate, oooh it’d be like some kind of 80’s film, especially when a bad guy swoops in and a massive shoot ’em up happens (although that isn’t very likely nowadays is it? Oh, the 80’s)…. Other than that Thailand is on the list, as is Japan, Germany and perhaps France! I know this is a stupid question, but have you ever been abroad? If not, why and if so, where was your favourite place to go?!