Your New Favourite Brow Kit

It’s no secret nowadays that eyebrow’s are big news, on some occasions they can be slightly too big I guess, for example when you go a little too Desperate Scousewives with them and create the ‘slug effect’. I’ve only discovered filling in my eyebrows recently so am currently loving exploring ways to make them look ace. I don’t buy into eye brow kits too much as I think it’s something that can be created cheaper by buying a one off slanted brush and some cheap eye shadow, and also the kit’s are often a bit too large for a make up bag…. But when I got sent this wonderful little eyebrow kit from Oriflame the other day I quickly changed my tune about a few of the things that put me off investing in a real kit!

Oriflame is a Swedish company who have been on the UK market for a while, but I must say they’re a well kept secret! It works a little bit like Avon where you can purchase online or from a local consultant. I have a few things from the brand to write about, but I thought I would start with my favourite item. The first thing I absolutely LOVE about this is how small and compact it is. It’s ideal for popping in my make up bag. At first I was like ”what the hell! it’s not a kit, it’s just the powder/wax bit!” but then discovered it has a secret little draw underneath that reveals two little slanted brushes, which I was absolutely mesmerised by, such a simple idea! One brush is smaller than the other and I’ve been using the black one to apply the brow powder and the white one to slick over any stray hairs with the rather handy setting wax. It’s also got a little mirror in the case which is always a good bonus in a product.

There are two generous amounts of colours in the palette which I find are a slightly taupe shade, this is ideal for those who have hair with no red pigment in or the lighter shade would be great for blonde’s. I know a few people find the Benefit Browzings to be slightly too reddish in tone for them so this would be their alternative to that, and the wax is transparent so any hair shade could use that anyway. It’s really easy to brush through your brows and doesn’t apply too heavily like I have found my Marks and Spencers kit to do in the past (I usually end up with lot’s of little brown speckles on my nose where it’s dropped off the brush!). It’s not an overly pigmented formula but is very buildable to easy to create the right definition on your brows with as much or as little effort as you like. 
*Queue gratuitous picture of oneself*
All in all an absolutely wonderful little kit, especially worth the investment if you’re new to the whole eyebrow thing. For £7.99 you can’t complain when you consider ones such as Browzings can weigh in at a massive £22.50! The only thing I would love to see from this product is a range of slightly different tones and colours. I can get away with this shade but I would go for a more red toned one if purchasing a brow kit again. But as Oriflame is new to the UK market and this kit isn’t being released to buy until the 8th of September, it’s a great first impression!

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