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You've read my post about the Famous Leopard Eyeshadow Palette right? If not, why not! You fool! Go discover it! As well as that little treasure I also got a few other goodies to play around with from the lovely ladies at Famous. I thought I'd do more of a 'round up' post rather than single posts. I know some of my readers like the write ups on food and other non make up/beauty related subjects so I do apologise there's not been too much of that going on lately, I'm rubbish I know!
As there's so much stuff I wanted to say about these products I thought the easiest way to review them would be by breaking them down as much as I can! Some of these of my favourite new products ever, the others are not so much so. But in the same breath even the products I wasn't so keen on were still affordable and it seems the other colour options on sale are slightly better/more suitable....

Price: £6.49
Colour: Beyonce
Coverage/Pigmentation: Light to medium
Formula: Hard but easily picked up by the brush
Opinion: The first thing I thought when I looked at the name of this was that it would be a selection of brown shades, the names of these shimmer bricks don't really make sense to me. This one is called Beyonce and is a selection of pink tones, whereas the one called 'Lady' which I assume is after Lady Gaga is a selection of brown shades. Very odd. I like the idea of this and the shimmer is not as heavy as some similar products that do the same things, although saying that the colour of this is so subtle but you can build it up really well, I've noticed the more I use it the stronger the colour pay off seems to be, like it's more concentrated deeper into the pan!
Repurchase? Maybe. I do love a shimmery blush but I'm so tight when it comes to blushers for some reason! If it were £3-4 I would definitely re-invest.

 No Shine Face Powder
Price: £4.99
Colour: Mmm Bop
Coverage/Pigmentation: Whatever you like really, light on it's own but I use it over Foundation/BB Creams and build it up to a heavy coverage.
Formula: Creamy for a powder, easily applied with a stippling brush.
Opinion: I absolutely love this powder and the price. It's very good coverage and the right tone for me, although it applies looking very light it soon settles down once blusher has been applied and blended. It provides a much better coverage than other pressed powder foundations I have tried, I'm so very impressed. The powder is marketing as a 'No Shine' powder but I feel like they've missed a trick here as that is the last feature that impresses me about it, it has an array of features to boast about more! It comes in 4 shades which incudes some really nice lighter tones. The powder also doesn't result in the dreaded orange faced hue I find most powders (even translucent ones) leave me with. Although I would like the pack size to be slightly bigger for the price I can't grumble, it's my favourite from the collection!
Repurchase? YES!
Price: £6.49
Colour: Miami
Coverage/Pigmentation: Very light, almost non existent
Formula: A baked powder which makes it very hard, both to transfer to brush and ultimately to face!
Opinion: I'm not really impressed with this. The colour is very light and the baked-ness of it makes it hard to work with, I thought at first this would be good as bronzers usually look like I've smeared chocolate up my chops, but when I put it on the colour pay off is pretty non existent. It's a shame but it looks like the other shades of this product are much better at what they do and look like they're 'softer' and easier to work with. The bristles on the brush also started to shed after first use. I have seen some very good reviews of the other shades from fellow bloggers, so maybe I will give them a try and see if they are any better.
Repurchase? Not in this shade, I feel for the price and formula of this particular colour I could get a more suitable one for a lower price.
First Date Blush
Price: Unsure as I can't find it on the website!
Colour: Angelina
Coverage/Pigmentation: Medium, very pigmented 
Formula: Soft and creamy, careful though as it's easy to over do it!
Opinion: I really like the consistency and size of this blusher! It's a really rich, creamy and pigmented powder (I know, how is a powder creamy but go and swatch it and you'll see!) The colour lasts all day but like I said you have to be quite careful as I have accidentally over done this blush on a few occasions. I think maybe I would choose a different colour next time, maybe one without the slightly brown hue to it. This would suit a darker complexion than mine but by combining a light touch of this with the aforementioned Shimmer Brick I get a really good result.
Repurchase? Maybe, depending on price and shade selection.

Overall I am so so impressed with the Famous Make Up range, as I've said before it's one of those ranges I always steered away from as I assumed it would be out of my price range. But now I've investigated them, tried the products and realised just how affordable they really are I'm their new biggest fan. I've noticed on their site that a few things are on offer at the moment (http://famousmakeup.co.uk) including the Brow Kit (£3.99) and Lipsticks (£1.99!) so I may have to make a little investment there as I'm sure they won't disappoint!

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  1. Tempted to pick up a lipstick or five for just £1.99!

  2. I like the packaging of iit all, might purchase the no shine powder as I've been looking for a powder. Great review! Xo

  3. The shimmer brick looks so similar to the Bobbi Brown ones xx

  4. Firstly I love the packaging of these products - super cute and love the names. This range looks great and I really need to invest :)


  5. The baked bronzer you've got doesn't looked very.. baked? I've got it in shade Bali and it even looks stunning (and baked!)... swatch another shade in Superdrug, Bali is puuuurrrdy!! xx


Thanks for the comment!

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