A Few Lovely Things….

I have a little confession to make – sometimes I buy things and don’t blog about them?! I know, a shocking revelation right there. Most of the things that disappear into the abyss of my cosmetics collection usually fall more towards the mediocre side of the spectrum, and often don’t warrant a good or bad review. I thought I’d do a mini write up of products which I thought would fall into that category but have actually surprised me with their amazingly lovely goodness. So, I’m just going to lavish some attention on them right now so you can share the love too.

First up we have the new 17 Lacquer Liner ‘Wet Look’ Finish eye liner. I bought this purely because 17 products were buy one get one half price and it was new (it’s RRP is £3.99). I have little to no interest in ‘wet look’ make up. Sometimes seeing people with lip gloss slathered around their chops makes me gag. But a a gloss/wet finish eyeliner I guess I can deal with. I didn’t have high hopes for this at all really and kind of imagined it would end up like waterproof eyeliners do on me and kind of flake off in places an hour after application. Alas, it’s pretty darn good! It’s a nice glossy finish which doesn’t really make a noticeable contrast to my regular liquid eyeliner. But it dries SO fast and also the brush is the most amazing liquid eyeliner brush I have ever encountered! It’s flexible and soft and just the right length to apply a nice line without makes a mess of anything. Every time I’ve used this it’s been perfect first time. Despite wearing black liquid eyeliner every day, I sometimes still struggle to perfect the art of application and spend a good few minutes matching each eye. With this brush though it’s so effortless. (Excuse the scabby looking hand in the below image, I met the devil this weekend, aka Tereza’s cat; Cookie)
Secondly we have the Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla and Macadamia. I don’t even know why I bought this when I have SO many lip balms! I just saw it, noticed it was £2.25 and impulse bought it at the tills in Boots. It’s the most delicious scent, like a nice ice cream but not too sickly. The vanilla is the nice kind of vanilla and there’s just a hint of macadamia. It instantly makes my lips so soft and moisturised and seems to last a lot longer than other lip balms I have (minus the Korres one!). I’ve only had to use this once a day when my lips have felt dry. I was also pleased to see that it’s not just the standard scented vaseline type lip balm and contains a nice little ingredients list including sweet almond oil and shea butter.
And third on the list is my new favourite lipstick in the world EVER, the Oriflame Power Shine in Pink Punch is the shade and product I have been searching for my entire make up-ed LIFE. Tereza kindly gave it to me as the colour didn’t suit her and I am eternally greatful haha! It’s the smoothest lipstick with a delicious melon scent. The colour is so pigmented and in the centre there’s a core of highly pigmented POWDER?! You’d think that would make it dry your lips but it doesn’t! It adds to the subtle shimmer and amazing colour. The colour literally lasts for hours too and I only had to reapply it once throughout an entire day out! Amazing. (and currently only £4.95 on the Oriflame website, might have to stock up!)
Finally there’s my new extensions. I bought these from TK Maxx and they’re Trevor Sorbie quick wefts (I think that was the name?!) I thought they’d be really crap and would end up being thrown away. They cost £4.99 and I got two strips. They’ve turned out to be amazing. They matched my dip dye PERFECTLY and are thick enough to kind of look natural. Despite whenever anyone commented on my hair yesterday I still felt the need to tell them it was fake haha! I’ve had a look online as I’m desperately trying to find another pack, but they don’t seem to exist anywhere. Maybe I have the only pack ever made huh?!

So there we have it, a #bblogger confession of often being very lazy with reviewing certain things and a few lovely items I felt the need to share with you! Have you tried any of these things (minus the extensions as I seem to be the only one in the WORLD with them!) What did you think? I would highly recommend every single one of these items. (and I don’t say that often!)