Ample Samples

The other day I read about this wondrous Missha Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Visible Deep Cleanser (why do things have such long names nowadays?!) over on Cityscape Bliss and was instantly in awe of it. Just like Tereza I have an avid interest in Korean and Asian beauty brands and occasionally splurge on eBay when I see something interesting enough (which is quite often). The Aqua Oxygen Cleanser looked like such a miracle product, I had to have some in my life. Not wanting to splurge the £10ish for the full bottle straight away, I thought I would order some sample sizes off eBay which cost me £1.50 for 3! What also sealed the deal was the fact they sent some other sample sachets with the cleanser including the Skin79 Super BB Cream which is something I have lusted after for SO long! Bazinga.

I immediately ripped open the Super BB Cream, I’ve heard such good things about it and it’s always one I add to my basket when shopping online, but chicken out at the end. What I like about it is that it’s not got the orangey hue western BB creams seem to have, but at the same time doesn’t leave me looking like a pasty ghost. It effortlessly smooths onto the skin and is blended so easily just with fingers. It’s what you always expect BB creams to be like; foundation without the heavy look of foundation. It’s a lovely product and when I can justify buying yet another BB cream or foundation I will be sure to invest in the full size of this. They also do a full range targeted at specific skin problems so definitely worth checking out the Super79 brand if you’re after an amazing BB, they’re not the best selling ones in Asia for nothing! The sachet was enough for 2 full applications as you only need a little bit of product to obtain a good coverage.
Secondly we have the BB cleanser once again from Skin79, a product I’ve never even heard of before. It says it’s aimed at skin that already uses BB creams, although I can’t help but feel this is a marketing gimmick if nothing else as I can’t see how that would make a difference?! I had no idea what to expect from this, it is a cloudy gel like substance and you simply put it on your face for a few minutes then wash it off. It was OK and I can’t say there was a noticeable improvement in either skin condition or my pores, but it did leave my face feeling really refreshing and actually *cleansed!* Not something I would purchase again, but would use again if it were sent as a sample with future purchases (ah, yes, there WILL be some!) 
And finally, the original purchase, which I received 3 sachets of was the  Missha Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Visible Deep Cleanser. I first tried it when I was in the bath, but I think the steam and humidity in the bathroom prevented it from working properly as I didn’t see or feel any effect whatsoever! Feeling a little disappointed I then tried it again without much hope. But huzzah! It worked properly this time. As you can see, it starts out as the same cloudy gel formula the BB cleanser does, apart from his foams up on your face. It doesn’t feel too weird at first, but after about a minute your whole face starts to tickle! you just want to touch it and rub it off. But I thought; I only have limited goes of this with my samples so I musn’t wash it off before 15 minutes at least was up. When I washed it off I did notice quite an improvement in the blocked pores I’ve been whinging about for a few weeks now. They’re not completely unblocked, but there’s definitely a difference!

Overall, nothing ventured nothing gained! And I will definitely be investing in the full size of the  Missha Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Visible Deep Cleanser and the Skin79 BB Cream when I need it. If you just search on eBay you can find all the products with varying prices from £5-£15, just shop around a bit for the full sizes. I would definitely recommend trying the samples out though, especially for the small price of £1.50.