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Sigh...... Do you ever find a product which has such beautiful packaging that you just want to take photo after photo of how wonderful it is? Well, that's exactly how I feel about this Lip Balm from H&M. H&M Lip Balms are often something which make me lust after them. A while ago I bought a pea and pear scented one, in similar packaging, but that was nowhere near as lovely as this little beaut. I introduce to you, the object of my affection: H&M Tea and Mint Chocolates Lip Balm.

I literally took around 50 pictures of it, the pot, the box, the lid. Each thing is more precious than the other! I love the colour scheme, the peachy pink and the tealy green. Even the font makes me envious of the graphic designer who put this little treasure together!
On the lid there's a lovely little rabbit motif, it's just so cute! I can't criticise the aesthetics of this lip balm whatsoever. And yes I am really talking it up A LOT aren't I?! I will admit, in the past H&M lip balms have never really been that great. Often they're just a scented vaseline, and don't get me wrong, this is very similar indeed.
The only thing that makes this one better the fact that it is mint based. I think that anything that has that distinct mentholated odour/flavour always makes you feel like it's working some kind of magic, I think if cosmetics companies but minty goodness into anything it would make you think it was working! The tea flavour/scent is very subtle but it's definitely there. It's not as strong as my Green Iced Tea Tokyo Milk lip balm, but still traceable. Overall, for £2.99 this was worth the buy so I could treat myself to looking at it on a hourly basis. I think the lip balm itself is definitely more of a lip protector than healer of chapped lips. 

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  1. I love the look of this, And it even has a twisty lid!

  2. This is very cute! Love the title of it too, mint chocolates are always a winner for me. xo

  3. Ridiculously cute! I love the random little beauty sections in H&M.

  4. This is a sweet product the packaging is really fun. I have a few great products from H&M - like their eyeshadows & a few meh ones -- their nail polishes. But this does look like something id pick up. I am a sucker for nice packaging. It gets me everytime.

  5. It is really cute! What an unusual sounding flavour xx

  6. I love lip balms, so might have to add this to my list (although Figs and Rouge are my current favourite!)You can never have too many, right?

  7. Wow I love this! I'm certainly going to have to keep my eyes peeled when I next go into H&M. These would be brilliant as stocking fillers for friends over christmas (that's right, I dropped the christmas bomb!! Eeeks)

  8. oh wow, included in my wish list right now hehe~ Must head down to my h&m now ><


  9. It is really cute, thats usually what I end up purchasing most things for, even if I don't end up using them!

  10. I have written an email to you and would be more than gladly if you look sometimes and answer to me. many greetings from Mandy from Berlin

  11. i love cute stuff.. will definitely go buy this very soon :)


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