Expectations Vs Reality

I’m sure like many ladies, that as a little girl (due to the influence of probably one too many Disney films) I dreamt of being a proper princess when I grew up. I could just imagine it…..Sitting at my neat, pretty dressing table. Brushing my golden locks of hair, with my perfectly pink cheeks and lovely rosey red lips just gawping at how darn lovely I looked. A nice big mirror to reflect my flawless complexion, drawers full of the most lavish luxury pampering items and a chair that I could sit on for hours…. You know, as you do when you’re 5 and want to grow up to be the most shallow person ever, haha.
It didn’t take long into my teenage years to discover that the little princess dream certainly wasn’t going to be easy. In fact, I’m as far away from a princess as one could be. As you can see from my current ‘dressing table’ It’s not really a haven for pampering relaxation right now!
60’s formica reclaimed dining table
The life of luxury and erm, staring at myself all day is very much still a pipedream. I think I need a rich prince charming to marry. That’d be nice. I could sit at home all day, just blogging. 

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