Kick Punch

I usually like to start off food related blog posts with an air of mystery, I’ll draw you in with a touch of intrigue about the delicacies that have been gracing my taste buds and then tell you a verdict at the end about whether it was a taste sensation or a vomitlicous endeavour. But with this Serge Peanut Punch I’m not even going to do that, to sum it up in a word I’d say it was ‘repugnant’.

 When I picked it up I thought it had a bit of potential, I like peanuts and I like milkshake sometimes, it couldn’t be that bad could it? WRONG, it’s really sickly, really horrid. It’s like someone has gathered the sweetest, sickliest peanut butter in existence and blended it with sweetened condensed milk. It leaves a vile after taste in the mouth and I could literally only drink about a sip of it. I thought, hmm maybe it would be better chilled (as it was in the longlife, world foods section in Tesco) Nope. It was still as disgusting after it had been in the fridge for a few hours. Even vodka (the worst drink known to man) can be drunk when it’s ice cold. Peanut Punch however, simply cannot.
The ingredients are even less appealing than the taste and the packaging needs a swift over haul to make it seem less gammy. Although it’s safe to say, even if they hired the guy who redesigned the Tesco Value range, which I’m a complete sucker for now, I still would never try this ‘drink’ again. My motto usually is: You have to try everything twice. I feel like if I tried this again my gag reflex would not be able to contain itself. I would suggest that if you have a child that needs it’s mouth washing out with soap and water for using foul language, that you use this instead! You can get hold of it in Tesco for 79p a carton.