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Hey guyzzz, if you follow me on Twitter then you will know I am slap bang in the middle of a house move right now! I'm going from lodging in my friends house to getting a place of my own again. As much as I love living with a fellow cat lady, it's going to be nice to have a place to call my own again, and to be able to make every room look (kinda) how I want! Although right now, after forking out so much for the bills and rent already, that's going to have to go on the back burner and the house is going to be pretty shabby chic to say the least! I will do a house tour when it's all set up though so you can see how it's been furnished for literally nothing! Anyway, this just gives me an excuse to make a few wish lists in the meantime. So what better area to start with than the living room.
Birdcage in the background just to make the picture a bit prettier.

Yeaaaah, so not the cheapest of selections there is it? But you can kinda grasp the general aesthetic I like. I really love retro looking designs alongside contemporary shape with functionality. The lamp would make me think I was on a movie set all of my own and the shelves would be so good for storing the abundance of random objects I seem to have acquired. Seriously, when I moved last time I swear there was only about 3 boxes of stuff. I'm currently on my 5th run to the house and still haven't even shifted or packed half my stuff! I love this sofa, it reminds me of eggs. I don't know if that's a good thing or not for a sofa though, but it sure looks comfy! What kind of styles do you like for the place you call home? Contemporary, vintage, modern, traditional or do you like a mix of EVERYTHING?

*Yes this is a sponsored post, but as I'm poverty stricken and need a pretty home, I'm sure you understand.

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  1. That's the most fun bit about moving to a new place! I live in a part-furnished old warehouse conversion, which means it's not quite a blank slate to work with interiors-wise- what with the brickwork and beams and whatnot. However, 'cause I like a fairly contemporary look (albeit with lots of homely touches like teapot shaped chalkboards, lots of prints and pillows etc), it works pretty well. I got an enormous bookcase from IKEA for pretty cheap (twitpic-!/charlotte2153/media/slideshow? which although not a dupe of your lusted after bookcase, is a similar vibe. You can get it in other colours, and the baskets are extra. I hope the move goes alright! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new place, I love nosing at other people's pads xx

    1. Wow, your place sounds awesome! Have you got any links so I can peak at yours?!?!

    2. It's not quite as cosmopolitan as it sounds, I swear most flats in Manchester are mill conversions and whatnot haha, it is pretty cool though. And not yet (we only moved in a month ago); I am planning a post that's like a flat tour soon, I just haven't got round to it yet, so I'll let you know when I have (: x

  2. Expensiiiive! I've just today secured my new house, it's lovely and has all wooden floorboards and a fireplace in my room! I'm sharing with a family and the rest of their tenants, the house has a shabby chic kind of vibe to it. When it comes to my room, I'm all about making it my own, I like pictures and pretty things! I love the shelving unit above, but it's almost four months of rent for me! :o

    1. That does sound lovely! I think a few pictures hung up can make a world of difference when renting somewhere, and you can take them with you at the end of the tenancy too!

  3. Wah I wish I had a living room to buy things for! I'm constantly moving stuff around in my room cos I don't have enough space for all my ideas XD White furniture is something I really want right now! And those shelves are gorgeous!

  4. YAY you found a place. Can't wait to see the house tour. I like a mix of furniture styles. Some stuff I have is new, some has been handed down, some thrifted and re-painted, etc. It's a right mish mash come to think of it haha. x


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