Miracle Foundation?

I was drawn to the Helen E cosmetics stand the last time I was in Debenhams. An announcement came out over the tannoy saying I could buy £40 worth of products from them for only £10. Not being one to pass up what seemed to be an awesome deal, I immediately hopped over the to stand to see what the hoo-har was all about. I’ve never heard of Helen E before and their only claim to fame seems to be that they did the make up for Miss World last year. Although, I guess the fact they’re in Debenhams Beauty Hall does mean something? In the bag there were a few things, that I may write about at a later date, but one thing I did think was immediately blogworthy was the Double Cream palette foundation

Helen E’s Double Cream palette foundation claims that one colour suits ALL skin tones. Well, she said all at the time, but obviously it wouldn’t suit ALL, such as Afro Caribbean complexions perhaps. It’s still an impressive range of colours it claims to suit though, including; very fair, olive, very tanned and light Asian. I was very pessimistic about the claims that this rather dark looking foundation would suit a all of these skin tones, including mine which leans slightly to the ghostly side of the tracks. I know there are skin adapting foundations out there, and I have only tried a few, but to no avail. They usually come in a range of tones and even when I pick the lightest it always seem to be slightly off hue. The Double Cream palette came with two sections both containing the exact same product which I thought was a little strange. I imagined they would contain maybe a dark one and a light one, but no, two medium toned foundations, both identical.
The packaging is a sturdy plastic flip with a mirror inside, it’s always nice to have a mirror inside a make up product. The consistency of this reminds me very much of Benefit’s Some Kind of Gorgeous Foundation Faker and the colour in the pan is very similar to the ‘medium’ one of that too. I do like Some Kind of Gorgeous and often use it at a concealer, and I do find that the medium tone of that actually seems to adapt to my light complexion. The Double Cream palette blends onto the face really well and is a very light finish. I actually caked it up as much as I could on purpose just to see how much I could apply and how much it would adapt to my skin. 
As you can see, what starts off as a rather dark and orangey looking foundation ACTUALLY adapted and it’s an almost perfect match in this picture., It’s really quite strange. I must admit in ‘real life’ I did feel a little conscious of it being off colour and it did seem slightly darker than the picture leads one to believe, but I think it may be because I have it in my mind it was dark. Oh, and the fact I knew how much I’d layered on! I did ask a few people though if they thought my face looked a weird colour and they said no though. Which is reassuring. The coverage is probably around a medium but it’s versatile enough to build up or play down. I did find I had to use a bit of concealer on my spots just as a bit of a safety blanket but I don’t think it was completely necessary! I think as it’s a new product and not like foundations I usually buy I just need to get used to it and the fact I don’t need to set it with powder afterwards either. You can buy the Double Cream palette off the Helen E website for £16.95, or nip into your local Debenhams to see if they have the offer still on, in my bag of goodies I also got a lipstick, pencil eyeliner, lip pencil and eyeshadow. So quite good value even if I only use this!