Pearly Whites

Like most I’m on a constant quest for that perfect white smile, unfortunately despite not drinking red wine or smoking (yuck) I do love a good curry, which is notorious for staining teeth off colour. I’ve never had the brightest smile anyway, don’t get me wrong, it’s by no means a ‘burnt down village’ type of gob but for some reason when my adult teeth came through they were pretty off white to start with. I’ve tried many things in the past such as whitening kits from Boots (including a pretty pricey one that came with a ultra blue light or something crazy), many different toothpastes (arm and hammer ones tend to be the best) and a few home remedies (try bicarbonate of soda for a cheap whitening alternative). Recently though, there’s been quite a few new wonder products on the market.

I was sent this White Science Tooth Whitening Toothpaste*  to try a few weeks ago, I’ve given it a bit of time, using it morning and night, before I wrote the review so I could give an honest one. I always think with things like this there is never going to be an instant result so it’s good to give it a bit to work it’s magic. The White Science Tooth Whitening Toothpaste has an interesting ingredients list including Papaya extract (!) which is a pretty innovative use for fruits. Apparently papaya breaks down the film on the teeth allowing stains to be released. I think this might be what makes my mouth feel a little dry after I’ve brushed my teeth, it almost makes my tongue feel a little powdery?! I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to toothpaste I’m afraid but other ingredients to whiten you gnashers are dicalcium phosphate and hydrated silica (feel free to comment below if you have any input about those things!)
I didn’t write a blog post about it, but a few months ago I did use the Colgate Whitening Strips which worked very well (the 5 minute touch up ones better than the 2 hour express ones in fact) and they actually made my teeth white; to the point that people were commenting on them! Which has never happened before. I did notice that the yellowness had begun to creep back but this toothpaste has counteracted it. At £15 a throw from it’s not on the cheap side in comparison to it’s high street aternatives, but it works. It depends what you’re after I guess. I think given the fact it removes stains and not corrects discolouration it probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference if I’d used it before the whitening strips. If you’re a smoker, red wine drinker or curry lover with natural white teeth this is perfect. If you’re like me with naturally darker teeth then try the whitening strips first and use a good toothpaste like this to maintain them.

*Disclaimer: I’m not a dentist.