Swedish Spa

Have you ever met a Swede with bad skin? I don’t think I have, in fact, I’ve never met a Swede… But I’m sure Sven-Göran Eriksson has some pretty supple cheeks (maybe we should ask Ulrika Johnson about that one though). I was super excited when Oriflame sent me a batch of goodies, not only do they do some of the most affordable yet high quality make up products I’ve tried for a while, but they also do a skin care range. I’ve been using the Oriflame Aqua-Rhythm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve day cream and the Swedish Spa Dual Action Face Cream for a few weeks now so can finally give you a good opinion of them both!

My favourite of the two is definitely the Aqua-Rhythm day cream, it’s so light and fresh! I don’t usually moisturise that religiously in the mornings, but the past few weeks or so I have been alternating between this and the Amie Mattifying Moisturiser. I find this is such a lovely cream which doesn’t leave any horrible sticky or greasy residue so is ideal for use before make up creating a really nice base to work with. It’s SPF 15 so protects you delicate little face throughout the day, and is perfect for humid weather. I’ve only been alternating because the Amie one is new and I couldn’t decide which one to use! It comes in a generous 50ml bottle which should last me forever. A little goes a really long way and it leaves me face feeling so refreshed and smooth.
I’ve be using the Dual Action Cream just at night, although it can be used day as well (hence the dual part). It’s once again, quite a light formula and not the heavy creamyness that night creams usually put me off with. It’s a really delicate fragrance and contains Malachite, Vitamin E and antioxidants to make your skin all lovely and such. I’m impressed with this as it really makes my skin silky smooth, feels quite luxurious and for an added brucey bonus doesn’t break my skin out (which I’ve found overly ‘creamy’ products tend to do, particularly night creams) Once again this is in a generous 50ml pot, so will last me forever!
Overall I really like all of the Oriflame products I’ve tried, unlike Avon (which is the company it gets likened to the most), the range is packaged in a much more sophisticated style. Their make up is even more impressive than the skin care I feel with loads of comparisons on reviews being made to Clarins and Clinique, and it’s obvious why! I just noticed that Aqua Rhythm is currently on offer reduced from  £15.95 to £8.75 and the Dual Action Cream retails for £9.95. Both of which are prices I would be willing to pay if I repurchase them and you can buy them directly from the website or through an Oriflame consultant. I would especially invest in the Dual Action Cream as you wouldn’t need a separate cream for morning and night, so you’re saving a bit of money investing in that one! Have you tried Oriflame products yet? What do you think? Or is it a brand you’re yet to discover?