A Lovely Giveaway

You wait for a giveaway on Hello, Terri Lowe and then two come along at once (stay tuned over the next few days folks, the second one is a pretty fancy prize!!) Lucky readers aren’t you? Since I reached a milestone on the ol’ followers number I thought I’d arrange some things as a thank you for all my lovely readers. As you know I moved house recently and I am coming up with ways to make my new abode more homely on a pretty tight budget. One thing which has annoyed the crap out of me is the fact I’m not allowed to decorate for 6 months!! Hence hideous wallpaper and a ghastly shade of paint on my built in wardrobe doors. One thing that’s improved said wardrobe doors is some sparkling new doors knobs courtesy of Owls Tea Party. I was eyeing up some door knobs for a while, as they’re such a simple idea to revamp a crappy looking door or drawer. I chose the Violet Rose ceramic knobs, but they do a whole host of hooks and trinkets on their site too, beautiful things for my eyes to look at indeed!
Not only am I giving away these beautiful blue knobs courtesy of Owls Tea Party, but I’ve thrown in a cute Strawberry Cupcake candle for added loveliness. It’s the perfect time of year for a little bit of a home themed give away too, as I’ve noticed my Twitter timeline seems over run with people moving lately!
Here’s how to enter:
Comment on this blog post and tell me how you follow my blog and introduce yourself – if you’re a new or existing follower (comments can be left by anons and various other accounts)
For additional entries:
Tweet me @Hello_TerriLowe with a link to this post
Have a look at the Owls Tea Party website and tell me which item/s you’d choose if you could have anything from there!
Good Luck
Winner announced on the 14/10/12.
Winner chosen at complete random.