Butterfly Boohoo’s

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am certainly sick of these darker nights already. The hour time difference seems to have me feeling more tired than a kitten after a cat nip crazed play date, and it’s also not the best lighting to try and take blog pictures in. I think I managed to pull off some ok shots to show off my new Boohoo Butterfly Print Skater Dress though, after much faffing around with the camera settings! I have a proper soft spot for skater style dresses as they’re so flattering and easy to wear, just like my Barratts boots I have worn to death already. This butterfly print version of the classic skater style dress has turned out to be another excellent addition to my ever growing collection of them!

I confess, boohoo.com is one of those websites I often skate over and don’t really spend enough time on, but when they sent me their A/W lookbook a few months ago I just had to get clicking. I was surprised at the amount the website had changed since I last went on (which was a while ago, sorry boohoo!). I’d also forgotten how affordable their prices were for a website that is actually very on trend. I guess the title of this blog post being ‘Butterfly Boohoo’s’ is fairly misleading, as there’s no boohoo-ing about how much I love my new dress.
I didn’t realise when choosing the dress that the butterflies were actually finger prints cleverly disguised! How awesome is that? I also love the overall colour of the dress – mustard! My fave. It’s very comfortable to wear and the waistline is forever flattering on a pear shape like me. The only down side of this dress is how easily it creases! I just have to look at it and it wilts like a month old piece of spinach. However, they also very easily drop out when you’re walking around for a bit. Yes it’s that awkward material. For £20 and with such a nice pattern though, what can you expect? Kudos boohoo.com, you’ve successfully caught my online browsing eye and I’m currently filling my basket, now that is a boohoo for my bank account.