Calm It Down

I’m sure everybody is familiar with the staple body lotion that is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. I don’t think I’ve met a single lady (and the odd man here and there) that doesn’t have some lying around in their bathroom or other place you may be storing your erm, moisturising products. I’d seen a while ago that Palmer’s had started to sell facial products alongside the regular Cocoa Butter range, but until the other day had never seen them for sale. Maybe I’ve just been looking in the wrong section all this time though. Anyway, I thought I’d give the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Calming Facial Lotion a whirl whilst it was on half price offer in Superdrug this week.

I’ve been after a ‘calming’ facial product for a while now. I figured that when my spots flair up and go the angry red colour, a calming product would help to soothe them and settle it all down a bit quicker. The Palmer’s Daily Calming Facial Lotion is a nice thick cream, not much like a lotion at all. It contains Cocoa & Shea butters to moisturise, Vitamin E as an antioxidant and Milk Proteins to improve the skins texture. And I think I need ALL of the above. Alongside that it also contains an impressive little list of calming ingredients in the form of Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera, Evening Primrose and MLE. Now ‘what is MLE?!’ I hear you cry! Well, apparently it’s a ‘Multi Lamellar Emulsion’ which helps to protect the skin and prevent it drying out further – I guess kind of like a protective primer? As soon as you use this your face feels instantly moisturised. I’m talking baby bottom softness. It has that classic Palmer’s Cocoa Butter smell but slightly more subtle than the body lotion, but still very rich, creamy and nice in odour. During the first few days of use, I did get the odd little spot here and there, but small surface ones, not anything massive. I imagine this may be just from it blocking a few open pores, but I’m talking like one or two here, not a face full of gooey spottyness or anything. After a few days this didn’t happen any more, so I’m guessing my skin just needed to adapt to it being a new product and with it being quite rich in comparison to the previous moisturiser I’d be using. It does act as a great primer in the morning too, but I feel when I use moisturisers or primers my make up feels heavier and it’s not something I particularly like, so tend to only use it every other morning to protect my face during the day. As for calming the existing spots and redness, it certainly does do that! I found the persistent little cluster I’d had on the side of my chin reduced in redness with the first use and they’re clearing up a little bit faster than usual. I’ve not been using any other spot treatments either, just so I can gauge the effectiveness of this cream for them. 
At around £2.95 this cream was well worth buying. If not for the calming effects then definitely for the moisturisation, especially during the winter months ahead as that’s not exactly your skins best friend. Like I said, be a little more cautious if you do suffer from spots, but I think my skin isn’t the biggest fan of creams anyway. Products such a Soap and Glory’s Peaches and Cream and Hot Cloth Cleansers always break me out despite everyone thinking they’re a god send for troublesome skin! So if you’re in that category this is definitely the product for you.