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I've seen loads of posts lately about Halloween costume ideas and make up. So, I thought I'd share a few of my attempts at fancy dress. I've never been the biggest fan of goblins, ghouls and witches and get a bit grossed out by 'party' things like balloons and party poppers (no idea why). So when it comes to dressing up, I like to think out of the box and see what things I already have that can be made into something all fancy. As an example, last Halloween I went out as Pikachu....

My friend went out as Marie Antoinette, but with blue hair (yes, that is was her real hair at the time!) I made my Pikachu ears by stuffing and sewing some felt onto a cat ear headband I had and dressed all in yellow....
Wigs always come in handy for one reason or another.
 When Kickass came out, I went out as Hit Girl that Halloween. Although I don't have any pictures of that apart from me eating a nice packet of crisps....
Another year I went out as Snow White and her Seven Dead Dwarfs. People seemed confused about how I'd be the seven dwarfs too, well, that was nothing some paper and pens with a belt couldn't solve....(not endorsing durex, it's the only picture I have, in the bogs, classy)
Then for a 1940's fancy dress opportunity, I went as a air stewardess, my friend went as Anne Frank. A lot of people were asking who Anne Frank was. That's what you get in Stoke.
There she is, hiding. Those glasses with a nose attached certainly were the best £2 I ever spent.....
Along with the airplane/air hostess theme there was also this one....Can you guess what it is yet?
No? Ok, it was 'Snakes on a Plane'.
But if all else fails, a cat face drawn on with eyeliner solves everything:
And also, as you can see, cat whiskers are the new black, they go with everything.
And if the cat feels left out, don't forget that a false eyelash looks wonderful, particularly for Movember.
What will you be going out as this Halloween? I've seen an awesome Tudor dress in TK Maxx but it's £20 and I'm not going to any parties as of yet...Also it seems every time I go out in 'fancy' dress no one else does! Oh well, where's my eyeliner? 

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  1. Okay, you look SO FIT dressed up like Snakes on the plane & Snowhite! Oh ehm gee. (Not that you dont look fit normally, obviously, but in those you look like supernaturally fit. To balance out that compliment, you look HORRID with big nose! bleurgh. x

    1. Hahahhaha thanks czecho! Supernaturally fit, I accept that description! X

  2. I love the snow white one makes me want to do something for halloween for once! Oh and you cat is cute ^^

    1. I lost that costume during a house move, gutted!

  3. Haha, I went as Misty from Pokemon last year!
    That picture of the cat right at the bottom is terrifying haha. Laser eyes! Dashing 'tasche though xx

    1. Team rockett! Haha kitty rocks the laser tache combo

  4. Those are great outfits! I love 'talk to the paw'!
    Although we all know, me being me, i'm really just zooming in to check what colour nail polish you're wearing

    1. 17 lasting finish in chaperone! Fave shade ever.

  5. I LOVE your eye makeup in the second picture. I think the yellow hair suits you - not many people could pull that off :)

  6. Ahahahah what a fun post! I dressed up as Pikachu last Halloween too x


Thanks for the comment!

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