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Fossil is a brand I absolutely adore. My current favourite watch is a Fossil one and it's not been off my wrist since I got it (sorry 10000's of other watches I own) Even though they're a slightly pricey brand, they're quality made and last forever! I love their vintage feel and for some reason the shop always reminds me of cowboys (?!) Probably a bit of an odd reference, especially in relation to my current Fossil favourites as chosen below!
I always love how Fossil products have a quirky narrative to them, with some slightly odd design features at times. Some of the purses are so cute, in the shop I've seen ones with giraffes, cats, keys and everything on. All so beautiful and not cheesy or too kitsch at all. It's a brand that keeps it classy and vintage whilst keeping it interesting, cute and unique. Winning combinations!

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  1. I love 1 and 5, that bag is prefect Autumn colours! x

  2. The Kitty Tote is so cute. I love the Fossil shop in Liverpool. The staff are so nice. I always look at their leather handbags & wish I was richer so I could afford one. I might save some money & have a look in the New Year Sales.

  3. Love the kitty bag. Stoke needs a Fossil Shop!

  4. I too love Fossil and have just spent a small fortune on a new set of make-up bag's but their stuff is so pretty and playful.


  5. I love these!!


  6. I've got the purple birds bag and purse, I use the purse every day but can hardly fit anything in the bag so I just use it for going out, I still love it tho!

  7. I had a Fossil for a couple of years too but there isn't a Fossil store where I live so bought it online instead. I've since moved on (or 'upgraded' (sorry Fossil!)) to a Diesel watch and I love it! I know you are going through a Fossil phase, but don't write off everyone else just yet :)


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