I’ve not bought anything from Lush for soooo long, I always begrudge paying full price for their products as my friend used to work there and get 50% off! I’ve also found cheaper alternatives to curb my bath bomb needs such as Bomb Cosmetics. However, something I haven’t seen anywhere else is this little lovely. It’s simply called FUN. I first saw it in the shop window, but didn’t go in as I sometimes think the Lush staff can be, how to put it? A little ambitious when you’re simply having a browse. Don’t get me wrong, I like friendly staff but I often find them a little too friendly when I just want to look for myself! Anyway, FUN – It’s an interesting concept, but will it rekindle my Lush addiction? Hmmm let’s see.

First of all, what makes FUN so FUN? Well, I will tell you! It’s basically playdoh, but playdoh that also cleans you. You can use it in quite a few ways too – as a shampoo, body wash, bubble bath or even to wash your clothes?! Although that involves hand washing them and I’m far too lazy for that! It came in a few varieties all smelling pretty different but with that token Lush fragrance. I chose the pink one as it smells like a delicate version of Snow Fairy but with a slightly more raspberry scent I thought. It’s really easy to mould and play with and doesn’t crack too much. Utilising my crafts degree (la-de-dah) I know that when you play with clay too much your hands draw the moisture out, but as you’re bound to be messing about with this in the bathroom it doesn’t dry out as quickly as expected. The consistency is a lot like porcelain paper clay; a slightly moister version of regular paper clay, and pretty easy to work with. If you’ve ever used anything like Fimo too you’ll be in the habit of warming it up before you use it to make stuff and this seems quite similar as the more I worked it the more the cracks disappeared. (Eeessh that got a little clay-craft technical for a minute there! It’s meant to be FUN!) Anyway, after I finished being a clay freak I moulded my FUN into a nice little rose. It’s not sticky like I expected it to be and but if you squeeze the bits together they stay together well enough.
What’s it like to use as a bathing product then? Pretty darn good. As of yet I’ve only washed my hands with it, but the scent stayed for hours afterwards! And it’s such a lovely scent. I’m going to try it as a bubble bath tomorrow and see how it fairs, I’m imagining it’s going to make the water quite creamy. As for a shampoo, I’ll try anything twice! Have you tried FUN yet? Initially I thought at £5 a throw it was a bit pricey but it’s a generous amount and when you compare it to the prices of their bath bombs it probably works out a little cheaper. Also, 10p from each sale of FUN goes to help children affected by the Fukushima disaster 🙂