Funny Bones

On a dark dark hill
there was a dark dark town.
In the dark dark town
there was a dark dark street.
In the dark dark street
there was a dark dark house.
In the dark dark house
there was a dark dark staircase.
Down the dark dark staircase
there was a dark dark cellar.
In the dark dark cellar
some skeletons lived.

Well, don’t I look like the goth of the town in this outfit hmmmm? I admit, it’s definitely not a very ‘me’ style BUT it’s a style I’m quite liking. I always feel like I’m not ‘edgy’ enough to be a fashion blogger, as it’s all pleather, disco pants and studs a lot of the time. Well, here’s my take on edgy. I got these amazing ‘disco pant dupes’ from the local unbranded shop called ‘Glance’ in Hanley, they cost £5!!! I’m amazed by them, I really am. They’re a thick material with a satin shine finish on the exterior and are just the comfiest leggings ever. I know they’re not as high a shine as the actual disco pants or their dupes but these are the best I’ve seen around for such a great price. The skeleton print top was from Primark for £7. I debated it for a few weeks as I love the cut out shoulder design, but skeletons on a top? Could I, little miss chinzey pull it off? I’m still unsure. But I love the shape and the material. If all else fails this can just be my Halloween night out outfit to save on any fancy dress faffing. I’m even wearing my studded shoes. I’m just *so* this season in this outfit aren’t I? Haha.
What do you think to my new gothic edgyness? Am I totes on trend? I must admit. I don’t quite feel like myself wearing an outfit like this and it’ll take a bit of time to get out of my pretty dress comfort zone and started keeping up with trends a little more. I never ever thought I’d be a disco pant convert, I’ve always frowned at them thinking WHO would ever even try on such things, but these are so comfy, I wouldn’t care what they looked like!