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When I first read about Killer Colours nail varnishes, I thought the concept was pretty good. Killer Colours are an independent brand which have a pretty unique selling point - they release a selection of 5 colours in waves which are on trend at the time. A simple yet pretty impressive idea I thought! It's always quite frustrating when you go into Boots and see the essie or Models Own stand with a million colours on show, not knowing which ones are going to be the wisest investment for your nails, but Killer Colours eradicate this (sometimes pretty tough!) decision by keeping it simple. 

 This seasons colours are an eclectic collection, from the neutral tones of the two shades I chose - Quicksand and Twisted Silk - to the bold and bright shade Belladona. Killer Colours come in a pretty generous 10ml size bottle and have that big square kind of lid which I like. When I use varnishes with small lids I always end up dropping them (usually on my bed). When you look on their website each shade has it's own profile which explains to you where each individual colour draws it's inspiration from, breaking down the latest catwalk shows and designer trends.
My favourite of the two shades I chose is Twisted Silk. It's a candy coloured pink which is so wearable. I will admit that despite the high pigmentation of colour, it did take me 3 coats to achieve the desired opaqueness. I do find this is generally the case with light pink nail varnishes and was impressed with the thickness of this one compared to other similar shades I have (which usually take around 4 coats and are way more watery!) I didn't notice any chips appearing after 3 days of wear, I don't tend to wear nail varnishes for longer than that though so can't comment on chipping after the 3 day mark, sorry! The brush is impressive and applies to varnish in two even swoops on my nails and it dries pretty quickly to boot!
 The second colour Quicksand is a lovely mushroom shade. I hate mushrooms but as a colour I like it, a lot. I managed to achieve an amazing result with this polish in only one coat! I was super impressed but decided to add another coat anyway. I've only had this on for one day now - but so far so good! I must resist the urge to pick at my nail varnish though, I'm a right bugger for picking it off! Both of these are quite hard to pick though, which is always a good sign in regards to quality.
Overall, absolutely loving the ethos and idea behind Killer Colours, and these shades are perfect for me. They retail at £9 each and as far as I'm aware, they are only available via the Killer Colours website. I'd never considering buying from an indie nail varnish company before, as to be honest, I wasn't sure there were that many out there! But now I'm desperate to discover more. If you know any send me the link below!

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  1. I just got the belladonna shade and love it. I don't like the bottle design though! They could have made it look so much more expensive if they didn't use stickers!

    1. I didn't even notice that! Haha. too busy looking at my pretty nails. I'm looking forward to the next set of colours.

  2. Twisted Silk looks lovely on you :) I've been trying Belladonna and Quick Sand, I'm impressed! xo

    1. Twisted silk reminds me of that Essie colour every one harps on about!

  3. Cool idea! And those are gorgeous colours x

  4. they're so beautiful!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win a dixi arrow bracelet. it's worldwide :)

  5. They are both nice colours - I think I like the darker one in Quicksand best. It will be a great Autumn colour.

    1. It's a lot nicer than I expected to be honest. very wearable!


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