Long Hair Don’t Care

Oh, that’s the dream isn’t it? Long flowing locks of healthy looking hair, hair that everyone is in awe of and compliments you on constantly. My hair does not and never will fit into this category of envy, as it simply does not grow beyond shoulder length. Nothing will help it grow longer it seems. Hairdressers, trims, conditioners, and just leaving it to it’s own devices….. Nothing works to make it grow longer than it is now. And it’s a real shame, because long hair is my dream. Luckily for me though, I found some amazing dip dye red and blonde hair extensions to give me the hair I’ve been yearning for. Thanks Trevor Sorbie!

I thought I’d show a picture of the extensions after a full day of wear with no brushing or styling just so you can see how well they hold up…. Honestly. If I could marry hair, I would marry mine with these babies in. I first got my hands on these Trevor Sorbie colour fusions extensions at TK Maxx. They were £4.99! I bought them thinking they wouldn’t look any good at all and it was a spontaneous purchase. But when I got home and clipped them in I knew I needed more in my life just for back up in case I ever, I dunno, lost these ones?! Unfortunately though, Trevor Sorbie discontinued these a while back and getting your hands on some is like gold dust. Using my initiative though, I sent them a message and luckily they had some old stock left over that they sent out to me! Brilliant! Dreams can come true! My actual hair is the same colour as the extensions but to help them blend in I rinse through a bit of Riche Directions in Pillarbox red to make it match the orangeness of the mid length more. This does mean my dip dye isn’t as bold without the extensions in now, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.
Hair: Part Terri Lowe, Part Trevor Sorbie
Dress: UNIQLO x Orla Keily
Belt: Primark 
Boots: Barratts
You may remember me posting about the UNQLO x Orla Keily collection a few weeks ago, I got my sneaky mitts on my favourite dress from the range before they sold out; making life a little better. The boots I haven’t had off my feet since getting them! If you win my £70 give away I URGE you to at least try these ones on in your local store and think about buying them!! They’re so comfy!