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I've not done a music monday post for a while, I always get side tracked and to be fair a lot of the time I don't listen to many new bands anyway. Saying that, one band I cannot get enough of right now is Alt J. I saw them at Leeds Festival after I was tipped off that they were the next big thing. I must say after Of Monsters and Men and Scroobius Pip, they were probably one of the best bands I saw Leeds weekend this year. I particularly like this song from their album An Awesome Wave. 
Alt J//Breezeblocks

I think I love this song so much because it reminds me of Where The Wild Things Are every time I listen to it. I don't rate the video highly though, they could of done so much more with the idea of this song.
Alt J are called Alt J because if you hit those keys on an Mac it makes a triangle, despite that being the epitome of hipster and in general the band are kind of everything I've grown to dislike, I still have them on repeat right now. Usually when singers put on this weird voice I think they're trying a bit too hard, but with songs like this, I can ignore that for a while. What are you listening to lately? I feel now that I've branched out and finally listened to a few new bands, I could be on a roll.

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  1. I love Alt J <3 also a big fan of Where the Wild Things Are, I read that over and over as a child. xx

    1. It's just such a great song and album!! :)

  2. Just listened to them, they sound good.

    Used to do a Music Monday post on my blog too, but haven't done one in so long x

    1. Music Mondays don't seem to get much engagement so I always forget about doing them! I really like the album this song is off, it's wonderful.


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