Nailing It

Another little round up of most used products, after the delight that was my lip product one. This time I’m showing you my favourite nail varnishes. Because I’m good like that. I never used to wear nail varnish, at all. In fact the only nail varnish I used to own were a few at uni which I used to paint metal when I was being too lazy to enamel it properly. Uni itself was another reason I never used to wear nail varnish as sawing metal most days I’d end up sawing my fingers and nails quite often and my hands often resembled that of a zombie during term times. How times have changed though, I now have more nail varnishes than Boots in varying colours, but these 5 are my favourite ones I have found on my short, sharp journey into the world of the painted nail.

15 Lasting Fix Chaperone: I’ve found the 17 Lasting Fix nail varnishes to be really good from experience. They’re not a range I’ve seen being particularly praised, which comes as a little surprise. A lot of nail varnishes come up on my radar but the 17 ones always seem to get left behind. I’m not sure why that is, at £2.99 a pop they’re great value for money and there’s always new shades in with offers on. I find the Lasting Fix polishes to last a fair few days before I manage to pick it off and I love the shade of Chaperone. It’s a really wearable greyish blue with a kind of pink undertone.
Marks and Spencers Limited Collection Leaf: I bought this ages ago when I discovered Marks and Spencers actually did make up; what a discovery that was. I absolutely love the colour of this, it’s my favourite, ever. It’s really long lasting and great quality. It dries really quickly and applies in thick coats, making painting your nails so quick! When I bought it I think it was around £3 on offer and it’s my ‘go to’ varnish when I’m feeling a little uninspired to be all fancy pants about my fingers. I think it’s limited edition though, so if you know any brands and colours similar to this please let me know!
Look Beauty Nail Pop Vintage: I love love love the Look Beauty range so much, it’s some of the best quality beauty I’ve tried recently. From their bases to their nail varnishes it’s win after win. This is my favourite shade from them as it’s such a lovely pastel blue. It makes me feel like my nails are pretty sweets and it dries incredibly smooth. It’s a lovely formula, often creating an opaque finish with one coat. 
Technic Pretty Pastels Lilac: The technic nail varnishes are pretty good for finding dupes of more expensive brands (ie, their dupe for OPI’s Carnival). I think every varnish I’ve had from them is totally worth the 99p price tag! Admitedly the varnish lid often comes off from the brush bit, but that’s nothing that’s can’t be rectified. The varnish itself holds up well and they’re always so up to date with the newest colours and trends out.
Killer Colours Quicksand: The most expensive of the bunch, the Killer Colours range is all about the idea behind it. I love this colour and varnish, after initially thinking it would be a bit too ‘mucky’ for me to wear on a daily basis. It’s a pretty, neutral shade and is very wearable. It’s possibly the thickest polish ever too which translates it’s high quality across well. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the next set of limited edition colours!
As you can tell, I’m quite partial to lighter colours when  it comes to nail varnish. I do have loads of dark shades but I don’t feel like my hands look as fresh or clean with darker colours on and always find myself taking it off quicker. I also never seem to have a problem with chipping nail polish. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong (or right?!) but so many people say their nail varnish chips and I had to ask a group of beauty bloggers at the sneaky Birmingham meet up what was meant by that, as I’d never experienced it. It also might be down to the fact that after a day or two of wear I always peel the varnish off anyway! It’s my little vice. If I can get it off the nail in one peel it’s an achievement, could be worse, I could just bite my nails I guess?!