Power Shine!

I included the Oriflame Power Shine Satin lipstick in a post the other week, it’s my new favourite lipstick ever. I’ve never been much of a lipstick person, I favoured a plain lip with a bit of balm over a bold colour any day. It’s probably because I’ve always been paranoid about getting the colour all around my face and looking like a clown and also I had it in my head ALL lipsticks were rubbish and never lasted more than 10 minutes. How wrong could I be?! The Oriflame Power Shine lipsticks are just perfect, they have a satin powder core which is pretty unique and the range of colours…. guh…. just read on!

I was initially woo-ed by the Oriflame Power Shine lipsticks when Tereza gave me one that she didn’t suit. It was the Pink Satin (which is in the centre in the picture below) It’s the most delightful pink shade and so bold without being ‘LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME’. It’s the perfect colour and I wear it on a daily basis now! All the shades are so moisturising and they have a really lovely smell, like watermelon…. Which is my all time FAVOURITE smell. I thought it may have just been a one off that smelt like this but no, the entire range has this fresh but not overly fruity scent. Swatched below from left to right we have: Brown Sheen, Satin Mauve, Pink Satin, Red Lustre and Nude Lustre. As you can see the satin core doesn’t affect the transfer of the colour and blends in really nice to create a wonderful colour.
I am absolutely smitten with the Nude Lustre and Red Lustre, they’re both so utterly PERFECT. In fact the Nude Lustre has quickly taken over from the perfect Pink Satin as part of my every day make up routine. The colours last for ages, I’m talking a good 4-5 hours without re-application, including eating and drinking in that time too! When they wear off they don’t leave that weird ring around the lip line like some lipsticks too, the colour kind of all fades in one go. I must admit the Satin Mauve and Brown Sheen (bottom left and right) aren’t really colours that suit me too much and I don’t think I’ll be able to give them the love they deserve, but don’t worry I’ll donate them to a good home.
I’m still struggling to capture the full vibrancy of the Pink Satin, it’s the most perfect pink lipstick you will ever find. All the Oriflame Power Shine lipsticks have a pretty shimmer to them, Although using the word shimmer probably makes you think they’re all glittery and whatnot, but they’re not. It is more of a lustre. A very delicate effect which just adds to the colour. The lipsticks go on so smoothly with no effort at all and they don’t feel all horrid and gritty at all. I find them so moisturising too, my lips always dry out so much when using lipsticks and with these having a powder in I did fear the worst, but nope! Soft and smooth all day.
The Oriflame Power Shine Lipsticks are currently £7.95 and can be purchased from the online store or through a consultant. It’s good to keep an eye on the website though as they often have some very tempting offers on and I have noticed these for around £5 a few weeks ago! I would definitely buy again and think they’re worth every penny. And that’s from a new lipstick convert with a very small purse.