Quintessentially British

It’s no secret whatsoever that I am a massive fan of the Heritage look and trend flying around at the moment. If it’s brown, green or tweed, I want it in my life. Barbour and Hunter are two brands I am forever lusting after, I fortunately got myself some cute Hunter boots from TK Maxx the other month and they haven’t left my feet since. Everything they make is so lovely and so my style. Growing up in the little bit of countryside Stoke has to offer I feel the need to digress to the farmer look now and again to keep true to my roots, despite never actually living on a farm or being in a field since I was about 16 haha.

1: Barbour Morris Quilted Jacket

2: Barbour Candale Fairisle Sweater

3: Barbour Oatmeal Socks

4: Hunter Adley Boots

Coats and Shoes are the two things I don’t even bat an eyelid at investing in, so the two featured are so close to being credit carded it’s taking unbelievable restraint to keep that little card in my purse right now!