Quirky Jumpers

The best thing about cold weather is the fact you can layer up and wear quirky jumpers ’till your heart’s content. Jumpers are a great way to introduce a bit of irony into your wardrobe yet still remain practical and snuggly. I’m a massive fan of irony, but you can only have so many quirky print dresses until someone mistakes you for a 12 year old. Jumpers are a bit more subtle though, to get away with a bit more kitsch.

1. Moschino Winking Jumper

2. Misumi White Moustache Jumper

3. Misumi Collar Jumper

4. Anne Fontaine Celina Jumper

I think these jumpers are subtle enough to get away with adding a bit of a twist to a boring outfit! And I really like the abundance of jumpers with collars already on lately too. Collared garments are my weakness.