Sunflower and Mountain Tea

It’s certainly been a journey of discovery with Korres products recently. From only lusting after their goodness from afar, to trying things I never even realised existed – I have fast become one of their biggest fans. So far the wild rose lip butter and perfume are my favourite things, not just from the Korres range but like, in the world, EVER. I’ve worn both every day since I’ve had them! And that’s certainly a big thing in Terri Lowe land. The Korres shampoo and conditioner’s are another product which I didn’t realise were in the range, I always assumed Korres was just a skincare brand, but oh no, it’s much much more. I recently got the Sunflower and Mountain tea shampoo and conditioner, but will it be as amazing as the other Korres goodness I’ve tried thus far, ooooh let’s see.
hair care sunflower and mountain tea

Once again, Korres get 10/10 for their packaging and label designs although I would have loved the conditioner to be in the same lovely bottle as the shampoo. But when I used the conditioner I realised why. It’s quite possibly the thickest conditioner EVER. It’s so rich and creamy – even more so than you’d expect a conditioning mask to be. When I first use any conditioner I get a bit over zealous and use way to much. This time was no different and I ended up applying so much so needlessly! After I’d done so, I read the back and realised I only need to apply it to the lengths and ends, whoops! This did make my hair feel really lank and heavy but still super soft. I’ve learnt from my mistake though and every time since I have only applied a small amount to the lengths and ends and it’s so good. It makes my hair so silky and really feel like HAIR again (if you’ve got dry and damaged hair you will realise what I mean by this!). The shampoo was a lovely fresh scent but kind of reminded me of honey. This might just be psychological though as the packaging somehow makes me think of honey whenever I look at it. It’s very delicate and refreshing overall though and it foams up really nicely rinsing your hair squeaky clean.
For £9.50 a bottle from Harvey Nichols, it’s not the cheapest hair care products around, but you’re definitely paying for luxury here. You could spend a good £7-£10 on shampoo from Boots and they just don’t *feel* special or work as well at doing what they claim to do. The Korres shampoo and conditioner are a winning combination to make my dry and damaged hair feel nice again. Do you get what I mean? I also love their simple no shit ethos, it really appeals to me and for anyone who is concerned about chemicals and nasties in products, Korres do a bang on job of making it clear what is and what isn’t in their range. ….Anyway BRB just noticed their shower gel range 😉