Sunshine on a Rainy Day

What an utterly depressing array of weather we have been having this year in the UK. This summer has been the wettest, coldest, most miserable display of weather the meteorological gods could have thrown at us, and the coming Autumn and Winter months further rain on our parade too! But I guess it just gives us an excuse to create our own little rays of sunshine in other ways, and being a pro fashion blogger *scoff* what better way to do it than making your wardrobe a shining haven of happy, clappy, sunny garments? 

You can’t get a more summery colour than YELLOW. I used to personally despise anything yellow, the colour never appealed to me. But now, now I have an unhealthy obsession with anything that is mustard yellow. It’s possibly one of the most frequent colours in my wardrobe nowadays, from jumpers to socks, if it’s mustard yellow I want it. House of Fraser has got a pretty impressive range of dresses at the moment, to suit every pocket. I always think of House of Fraser as the high high end of department stores, but turns out they can have their affordable sections just like the rest. Pictured are 3 dresses which will bring a little ray of sunshine into your life no matter what your budget. On the left we have the staple for this YEAR in the form of a skater style dress. I love these types of dresses as they’re so flattering for a pear shape like me and they’re also so easy to wear with a variety of accessories to make it look casual or classy. This Therapy version comes in at £39. And that’d be £39 well spent as they are just the most versatile dresses known to (wo)man! In the right corner we have a pricey little number in the form of a Max Mara Weekend Pittura Shift Dress I love the simple cut of this and the length looks perfect at just above the knee. I would probably go with just a simple but bold statement necklace in a lovely turquoise colour to compliment this little wonder, but at £105 it’s not the cheapest of the bunch. And saving the best for last, in the centre we have a painfully cheap Cutie Bow and Pleat Dress which is a mere £12!! Who’d have thought it? At House of Fraser?!?! BRB just going to go browse and splurge my wages on a few pretty dresses……