The Look Show 2012

Yesterday me and Tereza went darn sarf to The Look Show in London (read: lOOk not lUk, Stokies pronounce it properly). I luckily won two free tickets very last minute so it was a pretty impromptu adventure and I’m impressed that we actually pulled it off! It was a splendid day despite travelling for 3 and a half hours on a National Express coach there and dying on a 4 hour trip back. We spent more time travelling/walking than we actually did in London, but it was a fun adventure all the same and I am actually forever thankful for my new boots, which stayed comfy even when my feet were ready to drop off, I think the special gel sole things are a revelation! It was held at the impressively elegant Royal Courts of Justice which was such a unique venue and a stark contrast to the venue for the show last year, which was the newly opened Westfields shopping centre. Just thinking about how busy that place was last year makes me feel a bit anxious! There was a well organised champagne reception with a few things going on, like raffles and make up sessions by the show’s sponsor Smashbox and there were a few ‘celebs’ knocking around too. I’m not one to be swooned by famous people but it was a little weird being so close to possibly the entire cast of TOWIE haha. I also spotted celeb chef Gissy sitting next to Whitney Port, me and Tereza had a pretty good seat near the end of the catwalk, but despite that my pictures still weren’t great but here’s a few snaps anyway.

I apologise there aren’t any pictures of the catwalk show in action but every image came out blurry! So kind of pointless me showing you. I spotted quite a few bloggers there but once we were inside the building it was a little crowded so we didn’t get to mingle as much as I’d liked to. It was so hot and I was scared I’d drop my glass! We also got a goody bag jam packed with goodness, although it wasn’t quite as ‘good’ as the one they gave out last year (which would have been pretty hard to beat actually!) it still had an awesome bit of stuff in, like the Smashbox highlighter pen which I will review another time. I think the reason I love The Look Show so much is that it’s kind of the point when I began blogging ‘properly’ last year. I remember sitting directly opposite some of the ‘big bloggers’ and seeing their names somewhere, so when I got home I looked them up and was so impressed I thought I’d join the blogging club! Bloggy nostalgia right there huh. Oh, they also papped my hair for the magazine, so you may see my awkward face popping up in the magazine  at some point (must’ve fooled them into thinking my extensions were real hair hehe)