Top Beauty Tips by Terri Lowe.

It takes a lot of work to look this beautiful, and from time to time we all need a little bit of advice. So, today I am sharing with you some of my top Beauty Tips. Not only are these tips going to make you look like Beyonce but even more attractive, but they may save a few pennies along the way. It certainly ain't easy being a make up pro, but by taking a few savvy steps you too can be the talk of the town and soon everyone will be looking to you for inspiration, just like they do to me, right now, every day. Enjoy and good luck.
  • Cover spots with a dark brown eye pencil and turn it into a beauty spot. The more the merrier. One can never be *too* beautiful.
  • Forget pricey lip plumpers a stinging nettle creates that just bitten swell for less. 
  • To make teeth whiter use tip ex, or as they called it in the 90's 'liquid paper'. 
  • Instead of expensive foundations use a mixture of tomato sauce and mayonnaise. Use a low fat mayo for lighter coverage.*bonus tip: also add brown sauce for a gradual tan.
  • After the perfect dewy complexion? Spray gloss finish hair spray over your face. It really sets your make up. Be cautious of open flames though.
  • Rub your eyes after eating salt and vinegar crisps for that ultimate bright eyed look.
  • Instead of buying fancy face washes just smear dog food on your chops and let the dog lick your make up off after a long day.
  • For added exfoliation once a week use the same method but with a cat, they have a nice rough tongue for total pore cleansing action.
  • Speaking of cats.....Can't afford expensive brushes? A well trained feline with a bushy tail can be the perfect blusher brush.
  • For the perfect Kim Kardashian contour on a budget try using self raising flour and coco powder instead of expensive make up.
  • For the evening try the above method with Nutella and Marshmallow Fluff.
  • An alternative to a French manicure: simply dig soil with your bare hands for lovely brown tips to your nails. Perfect every time.
  • To achieve the perfect 'top knot' use a krispy kreme doughnut, or if you're on a budget go Greggs, they sometimes have great 2 for £1 offers.
  • If you find applying make up a lengthy hassle simply pour it all into a mixing bowl and just dip your face in.
*Disclaimer: Please don't try any of these tips, ever. Or if you do, at least take some good quality images/videos and share them with the world for lulz.

What's your top beauty tip?

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  1. Oh this gave me so many giggles haha xo

  2. This completely brightened my day!

    Love from MairiClaire x

    1. Hope the rest of your day was just as good!

  3. Lolll! That's actually made me hungry..

    1. HAHAHA well don't eat the precious beauty tips!!

  4. Off out to buy a cat ...!

    Jen x

    1. It's the investment that just keeps giving!

  5. I saw this on facebook, it was hilarious :)

    brb, going to grab a packet of salt and vinegar crisps xo

  6. ahahah
    I know something about exfoliation, my cat (called Big Foot) loves human flavour XD

    1. Bahahaha, You could rent Big Foot out for beauty treatments and start a cat spa!

  7. Terri you kill me! Very funny hun. The cat tongue exfoliation in particular had me LOL'ing!
    I do actually know of someone that has done the hairy spray one though!

    1. I was concerned about how many people replied saying the hairspray was a good tip on the twitter chat!!! Some people!

  8. Haha reading this cheered me up! :D

  9. LOL hilarious! You are just too much *wipes tear*

  10. Th last tip is excellent ..mind giggling...i can't stop laughing.


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