Almond & Hazelnut Lip Scrub

I don’t usually like DIY posts on blogs, as a lot of the time I just think it’d be quicker and cheaper to buy the thing from the shop! One DIY I did want to try for a while though was making my own lip scrub. I’ve seen so many people praising the Lush Sugar Scrubs for a while and it’s been really niggling me! I mean, you’re spending £5.50 on something which is basically a small pot of sugar mixed with some oil or another and a fancy flavouring thrown in. Which isn’t a bad idea, just an over priced one in my opinion. Anyway, today I finally mixed up a little pot of my own take on a lip scrub, so behold, my first DIY post: Make your own sugar lip scrub. And it’s very affordable.

For my take on the sugar lip scrub, you’re going to need 2 basic things. And the other 2 are optional. And even 1 of the first two can be varied if you like. It really is an anti tutorial tutorial this! Basically all a sugar lip scrub needs to be is sugar and oil. That’s the base of all the Lush ones, apart from they throw in flavourings too. I used two sugars in my version as I thought it would work well as an exfoliant if there were varying sizes. I went for a rather coarse brown sugar alongside just regular granulated sugar. Lush have listed caster sugar as the one they use, which is very finely ground. Although I’ve often thought within the Lush Lip scrubs they seemed like rather large granules for caster sugar? I dunno. Anyway. The oil I went for was Almond Oil, for two reasons: It’s excellent for dry skin conditions and also it was only 99p in my local Home Bargains. You can’t go wrong there. You don’t have to use Almond Oil though, if you like a simple Olive Oil from the kitchen cupboard works just as well!
So simply mix your ingredients in a little pot to make the scrub. I also decided to add some Hazelnut flavoured coffee syrup to mine too, which I got from Whittards. It was a last minute idea as the almond oil isn’t a very strong scent and I wanted something a bit yummy too, So literally a drop of this added perks it and makes the smell so good. Obviously this is a very optional addition, and you can be a little bit creative about what you decide to add as a scent or flavour. Maybe even try mixing in a touch of your favourite flavour lip balm too. 
There we have it then, a simple enough DIY which doesn’t actually cost the earth and can probably be made by using things you already have in your kitchen cupboard! It’s actually so simple I don’t know how I’ve stretched it out into a full blog post, but if it saves people £5.50 a pot then I’m happy to write about it! Let me know how you get on if you try it. Obviously if you use an ingredient like the hazelnut syrup you’re best to make up the scrub in little batches as it’s a foody product. I found the almond oil has worked very well at restoring the moisture in my lips and the sugar has scrubbed away all the dryness. It’s definitely a winter saviour for me that’s for sure.