Blast From The Past: Miners

Miners are a brand that have been around FOREVER and for me, they rekindle the essence of being a little ‘un and playing about with my first bits of make up. I think some of the first lipsticks and eyeshadows I owned were Miners ones bought from a discount shop in the local town! I’ll be honest, they are that kind of bread and butter brand that people always seem to bypass, but when someone mentions them you always see the little spark of youth in the eyes whilst they try and remember their first Miners buy. It did come as a bit of a surprise to me that they were still releasing products in the UK, but when I visited their website I realised they had a vast array of new lines and products and are quite on trend right now whilst still appealing to quite a young audience.

”Cocktail Kiss is an innovative concoction of bright and vibrant colours, that create a super sweet and unique shade. Inspired by some of the nation’s favorite cocktails, each Cocktail Kiss has its own unique flavour and personality.”
I really do think the Miners Cocktail Kisses are a refreshing bit of fun in my make up bag. They come in 3 flavours which are (from left to right in the below swatch): Manhattan, Mudslide and Flirtini. The little tubes are really cute and I like the way the product inside is swirled around. Particularly Mudslide as it has a few different tones of brown with a kind of glittery gold colour too. When they are used all the colours mix together effortlessly to create the final shade. I think Flirtini is my favourite both in colour and smell and the sheer pink tone adds a nice little pink of colour to lips. The Cocktail Kisses aren’t the best moisturisers though and apart from the sheer cast of colour and touch of gloss they give, they don’t really last too long or are good for dryer lips, in my opinion. Saying that though they aren’t sticky like you’d assume a gloss to be. They’re tacky at best but it’s not a ‘omg my hair is stuck to mah lips’ type thing.
Overall though, for £2.99 a throw I think they are a great little addition to any Christmas stockings. I know I’ll be buying some more just to add to some beauty box gifts I’m giving out this year, as they’re just a really nice and fun product. Everything on the Miners website is really well priced and just, cute. I like cute things though. They’re definitely aimed at a younger audience though of the mid teens to early twenties. In a word… Just FUN.